A little bit of info re: Twitter…read this – it’s interesting!

De-anonymize Twitter accountsKissed_By_The_Rose_by_toounit

The University of Texas Researchers have shown that they can “de-anonymize” Twitter accounts based on anonymous social network topology and a bit of outside Fickr data. Back in 2007, they performed a similar trick with anonymized Netflix data and they say the lesson is clear: “anonymity is not sufficient for privacy” on the web.

Arvind Narayanan and his advisor Vitaly Shmatikov’s newest paper, “De-anonymizing social networks”, is another attack on the idea that data can be easily anonymized by stripping out a few bits of personally identifiable information (PII). Most of their work over the years is built on premise that PII extends far beyond names and address; in many datasets, the very structure of the data provides all sorts of clues that can be deciphered with only a few bits of information.

Narayanan and Shmatikov in “De-anonymizing social networks”, take an anonymous graph of the social relationships established through Twitter and find that they can actually indentify many Twitter accounts based on an entirely different data source, in this case, Flickr.

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New news for all you peeps out there: just some tidbits…

Firefox 3 surpasses IE7 in Europe

Firefox 3 has finally surpassed the popularity of Internet Explorer 7 in Europe according to Web analytics firm StatCounter. Keybie_by_yukitsune

Firefox 3 holds 35% and IE 7 has 34% in that region. The decline of IE7 can largely be attributed to the release of IE8. IE 8 has grown to 2.3% in Europe, with most of the users upgrading from IE7. This change is what put Firefox 3 on top.

Firefox market share has already exceeded Internet Explorer in several European countries.

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Sideswiped thoughts colide

Just as I thought I had the right thought process amassed – I realise that the process only SEEMS to be in touch – but is actually rather somewhabc41449daa8fe1afc738bbb48f9c7f58t very out of touch…

Where is the long lost laughter I linger after – so sought – yet only NOTHING is wrought – brought my only with me, but its tapped undone..

Now – where is the fun? Where is it at?

I wandered into a sweet obyss – it felt safe and new and oh so very nostaligic – now that it’s gone  – I long for it – I yearn for it!

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Skype coming to the iPhone

Skype is officially coming to the iPhone this week.IDF__Kaku_and_Jin_by_MelloLover

Skype for iPhone should be available for download from the App Store.

Skype allows for free voice or video calls to be made over an Internet connection to other Skype users or for voice calls to be made to landlines or cell phones for a small fee.

On the iPhone, Skype will be limited to checking online status or for text chat over a cellular data connection.

Voice calls can only be placed over WiFi connections. Skype calls can be free or far cheaper than standard international calls or roaming rates.

Also, the app allows making calls from a second-gen iPod touch, which doesn’t have standard cell phone functionality at all.

Users of the iPod touch will need to use an external mic for voice calls—it’s even possible for first-gen iPod touch users to get in on the fun with a dock connecter-based mic.

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More techy news for ya!

Students offered discount on Office Ultimate 2007 (Microsoft)Afternoon_Afterglow_by_michizu

Microsoft launched its “ultimate steal”  Web site, offering Office 2007 Ultimate for about $60 to anyone who has a working dot-edu email address and promises they’re actually enrolled in a course for credit somewhere.

That’s a whopping 91% discount off the retail price of $680 and still cheaper than the “Home and Student” edition of Office, which lacks Outlook or Access and retails for $150 ($84 at Amazon).

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Look what I found: Techy news!!

Is your PC outdated? OnLive brings the cloud to PC gaming3970f51b83fa14959fce39024236ffcf

Can you afford to chuck out your expensive gaming system and still enjoy PC gaming?

The company wants to harness cloud computing to bring you the latest PC games with little hardware cost.

Here is how it works: you install a client on your PC or Mac and log into the service with a remarkably slim 1MB client. The game is played on OnLive’s headquarters, using their hardware, and the image is streamed to your television.

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More news: Windows 7 nudges out Vista in thorough gaming benchmarks

As mentioned before – being the gaming fundi that I am – I found this piece of news quite informative:GIRL_by_Terytan

Hunting to find out what’s the better gaming experience?

Windows 7 beta or Windows Vista with Service Pack 1?

PC Perspective put both operating systems through the ringer with assistance from seven graphics cards running the full range of prices.

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