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Malicious Security Software threat to Users188888ba0d5ea8dbe14e39ade329ea2d

Microsoft’s sixth Security Intelligence reported that the use of malicious security software is the highest growing internet threat facing users today. Scareware, which is rogue software sold by cyber-criminals to gullible users, draws its victims in by tricking them into believing their computer is infected with malware. With the malware alert usually comes a proposal to buy the full version of the rogue software. In most of the cases the infection is imaginary and the recommended software is the actual malware.

This report showed that most of the seven most common families of threats removed from infected Windows machines were somehow connected to scareware. Trojan downloader family, Win32/Renos was the most common piece of malware found by Redmond’s MSRT. It was found to have infected 4.4 million computers, a 67% increase from the first half of 2008.

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Windows 7 build 7105 Milestone reached?Beautiful_life_by_qianyu

Windows 7 has finally reached build 7105 and in addition to that, a Windows 7 RC could possibly be available soon.

Russian site, WZor reported that it’s expected for 7105 to be leaked shortly, although it’s hoped a public announcement will be made soon.

So what are the changes being reported so far?

1. Improved networking support, the work in the local network.
2. Added support for some previously incompatible programs.
3. Extras in the LP and small cosmetic interface improvements.
4. Added support for new drivers for various devices.
5. Extended support sensory displays.
6. A small optimization and changes in the kernel.

Windows 7 development is definitely drawing to a close, as now the only changes are bug fixes and optimizations; no new major features are being added.

Some more techy news for the PC user who wants to know it all…

Achieve Windows 7 Explorer look in Firefox Browswerf2636872061b0110352eeeac215c8292

There are so many users who like Windows 7 and its polished user interface. If you are one of them, here is a cool style for Firefox that exactly matches with the Windows 7 explorer look.

How to install:

1. Download the style file and extract the file to desktop to get a file named userChrome.css.
2. Open Firefox’s profiles folder by typing %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\ in Start menu search field.
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Tech news for the tech-trekker…

Windows 7 Themes for Windows XP

We have already covered Windows 7 themes for Windows XP and Windows Vista before. Ask VG is the forefront of Windows 7 theme creations. Anime_girls_by_Wayne12

The themes can be applied to Windows XP if the file responsible for the theme management in Windows XP has been patched.

The themes will not only change the colors and background images of the Windows XP operating system but also the taskbar, start menu and other core interface elements to make it similar to that of Windows 7.

Installation however has been simplified. All that needs to be done is to execute the theme.exe file located in the theme folder after unpacking the themes to the local computer system.

Both themes add the following elements beside the basic interface changes to the operating system:

  • Extra Common Tasks  (This folder contains 2 extra shell styles: Bottom and Left dark blue).
  • Fonts (This folder contains Segoe UI fonts required for the theme. Run Fonts.exe file to install them).
  • Iconized Taskbar Hack (This folder contains registry script to enable Iconized taskbar in Windows XP.).
  • Styler Toolbar.

It’s that time again – some tech news for you guys!!

Dell’s shares experience – Testing of Windows 7SEXY_GIRLS_FAN_ART_04_by_GERCROW

One of the largest computer makers in the world, Dell, shared briefly some of its experience from its internal testing of Windows 7.

Dell found noticeable improvements in boot to desktop times compared to Windows Vista.

Microsoft is not only fine tuning boot speed, but also working with OEMs to reduce boot-slowing bloatware.

Dell also reported that almost all existing Vista drivers are working and testers say application compatibility is promising as well, including the IE8 compatibility mode.

The overall performance is upgraded, with tests trans-coding media files being faster than the latest Windows Vista builds.

Are the findings reported by Dell enough to make you upgrade from Vista or even XP?

Versus mode given to Resident Evil 5

Capcom has finally given Resident Evil 5 Versus mode a date: start shooting your friends and enemies online.Drop_by_eepedeep

The multiplayer versus update for Resident Evil 5 has been given an official date, with the for-pay addition hitting both Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network on, April 7.

The add-on will cost you $5 on the PlayStation and 400 Microsoft points on the 360.

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