One more for the day – tech day!

Yoichi Yamazaki’s latest bot gives you the eye0992ed45bc5e7cf7ebdfc3cb167fd311

Yoichi Yamazaki and cohorts at the Tokyo Institute of Technology have created a so-called Eye Robot.

It’s a pair of disembodied eyeballs that create expressions in concert with pink eyelids; a user views each expression and then indicates how it makes him or her feel.

At this point it seems like something of a scatter-shot affair, throwing out expressions at random and seeing which elicit a reaction.


Tuesday – tech day!

Hey guys – so, here’s more techy news for all your avid technology junkies out there!Stolen_Dreams

4890 and 4770 to be supported by Windows 7

ATi fans will be thrilled with the good news about Windows 7.

AMD/ATi has managed to get the drivers for the HD 4890 and the 4770 integrated into the Windows 7 DVD.

This could give them the lead, ahead of nVidia in terms of “out of the box” usefulness when it comes to Microsoft’s newest OS.

Windows 7 is supposedly to be released in Q4 2009, but all indications put it at mid 2010.

One more new find for you:

What are the odds of a huge Cyber Attack that destroys the Infrastructure of the U.S.A?Aquarium_by_Naughty_kittykitty

This is the question that may be asked. The chances are very high, taking into consideration the factor that President Obama has made a promise to take cyber security seriously, which was said in his campaign. There are two specific bills in the Senate which are currently being reviewed by the committee. They both happen to be a specific part of the Cyber security Act of 2009.

The bills are S773 and S778.The description for bill S773 is: “A bill to ensure the continued free flow of commerce within the United States and with its global trading partners through secure cyber communications, to provide for the continued development and exploitation of the Internet and intranet communications for such purposes, to provide for the development of a cadre of information technology specialists to improve and maintain effective cyber security defences against disruption, and for other purposes”.

The description for bill S778 is: “A bill to establish, within the Executive Office of the President, the Office of National Cyber security Advisor.”Full texts for both are not available at this present point in time.

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Hey guys – new week – new techy news:

The intimidating possibility of Infecting the BIOS Chipcaos_by_agnes_cecile

Users are definitely worried of the potential danger that is possible for a hacker to infect an unprotected BIOS using flash technology. Regardless of its potential risks, flashing the BIOS comes with its advantages with regards to obtaining updates. Users update their systems for different reasons, to add new features, fix bugs or to support new hardware. But unlike anti-virus updates, not every BIOS update is necessary or beneficial for all users. Only update the BIOS when you know exactly what you expect from the update.

An attack on the BIOS is old news. In the 1998 CIH or Chernobyl virus many other predictions were made. One was about hackers using the ACPI language to code a rootkit into the BIOS. The predictions show that it is possible that the BIOS is a plausible target for hackers.

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