Read on for six tips to update your wardrobe with the latest fashion designs without spending loads of moolah.
Putting away your winter clothing and finding that your closet is looking a little bare? Do the colours and styles of your spring and summer wardrobe seem outdated and boring? Would you like a more youthful look? Looking for a way to spend less money but follow some of the current hot trends? Or maybe you’ve gained a couple of winter kilos and want your clothes to help you look slimmer while you’re working on losing them.

Follow these tips, and you’ll soon be on your way to summer fashion bliss!

1. Colour:
It is important to know which colours compliment your skin tone. Go for lighter shades of colour on top, near your face. Use deeper shades of complimentary colours in pants or skirts. By using this technique, you will appear slimmer. Attention will be drawn to your face rather than your body and darker colours are more slimming.

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CELL PHONE SINS: Which of these cell phone blunders are you guilty of?

In this, the age of technology and wirelessness… are you adhering to the new and improved rules of engagement? Sunset_by_MeganeRid
As with all cultures and sub-cultures, the mobile lifestyle too has its own forms of conduct and – and yes, Cell Phone etiquette…

Have you been familiarised with the cell phone sins, and are you following the cell commandments, or are you a hopeless cell phone sinner…in need of re-connecting?

We are here to help you identify 5 of the more unforgivable cell phone sins:

1.    The ‘Call Me’ friend
This is the one friend who you know has airtime, but is just not gonna waste the credit on calling….or that one friend who never has airtime…both annoying in varying, but equal degrees. Thou shalt not be a cheapskate.

2.    Reading SMS’s from another hand set (that is not yours)
For some reason, many are prone to “accidentally” stumble upon the “boyfriend/girlfriend’s” cell, and it just so happened to be displaying the ‘infidel’ texts in full view…yeah right! Thou shalt not be nosey-parker!

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The massive hangover

Devil__s_Dance_Floor_by_ToshiMustgrindWhen does the partying and drinking become a problem?

“Happy, happy!”… it’s that time of year when the revelry and its trusty companion, drunken stupor, pours its way onto the lives of many partygoers.

With countless excuses for a party – having passed exams at school, finished school, completed another year at varsity or college, or got through another year of work, work and more work – and what better way to celebrate than by kicking back with good friends and knocking back a few drinks?

Right? Wrong – there are so many things that can and normally does go wrong when alcohol is involved.

The average South African has been brought up in a drinking culture. The ‘Dop System’ from the Apartheid days played a massive role. A sort of payment scheme entered into between vineyard farmers and their workers, where they’d get paid in wine instead of cash, the Dop System perpetuated a vicious cycle of alcoholism and Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) amongst the community of workers within the trade – so it is fair to say that alcohol is, to say the least, a contributing factor to the decay of our society at large.

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Venetian blinds locked in such to block, untouched, the morning sunlight. Toning_The_Sky_by_xxbageixx

Just as if trying to peer through, tiny speckles of ray hasten to begin the day. She flings the covers off her body and slithers out of the comfort and safety found in this haven.

Though days turn to next each time, it’s the same circumvent, which is all one can expect: So lost in this, hard to know how to cease and desist – just plain resist the urge to stay solidly put.

How to try pry oneself away from the one natural high?

“And its now straight on the hour, traffic news coming up….” Blaring suddenly only thing heard. Slow, candidly shocked to an absurd rude awakening. Damn radio alarm clock! Same song on been stuck, for weeks it seems.

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The best tit in the West! Guess who put his foot in it!

Once again the sagas of the rich and famous have been making all sorts of news these days!_Red_Beauty_all_wrapped_up__by_sakimichan

Unsurprisingly, Kanye West wins the “I love to put my foot in it” prize! Not only did he come through in his usual arrogant and outlandish way, but also managed to make a right tit of himself, by doing his normal rant ‘n rave thing…

Ok – I kinda veered off the topic there – as this blog is not about Kanye and his wayward ways … is actually about the fascination we have with all things scandel and celebrity…

Why is it that bad news travels faster than a wild fire? Is it due to the fact we crave anything out of the ordinary, so much so that when it does happen to come across our paths, we simply cannot but stare at it – mouth agape and eyes wide – wondering, assuming, speculating the where’s, how’s, what’s, and when’s – all to make sense of how it all came unravelled?

Well, I have never actually bought into the hype, and fail to understand how easily swaded most of us really are – so fickle we go about our day… switching sides on the fly, opinions veering way of course way too often.

Is it also due to the fact that many of us do not actually have a very secure ethic and moral stand point? Thus have low self images, and accordingly tend to follwo the trends and lifestyles of these people on our magzine covers, almost giving them a god-like status, as we ourselves do not realise we are gods too…

Not to be blasphemas – but what I mean by that is – that each and every person on this planet has a talent and a unique quality that nobody else will be able to attain – so should it not be then – that all of us should be reveered as celebrities too – and heroes, as each and every one of us has that inherent greatness that no one else has!

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