Things shift – words exchanged.

Raided pain – dug up again and again and again!

Never new, never knew – remember when it was beautiful with you?
Now- just words laced in regret – seems all we do is forget.

Forget the love, forget the laughter, forget the bond that kept us here all this time.

Forget instead my smile belonging to you!

Seems all we can see now is that our time really is through?

Seething, teething, gnawing –
lost again in a mass of thoughts I won’t claim.

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Life lived untapped

When last did I write a rhyme dedicated to furthering my climb?
Out of this crypt – fully equip with all sorts – to make sure I go forth.

Forward movement – grow – fulfil it.
Fulfilment: my aim – still, I claim am maimed by this main master plan.

Swayed instead to stay assaulted – told am not all worth it!
Still I stumble back…

It’s like I fiend, I need that broke-down state – on my knees as I plead for just one happy seed to sprout.

Feels too played out – squashed, turned around.
Perception trashed – instead now, portrayal of some wayward way out??

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Straight Edge

Staring straight ahead.
Head slightly tilted – wilted lovebloom thorned-loom.
Threads of time unravlled in gravel.
Concrete route, stuck on this mud-slung tongue, as bitterness is the only taste in mouth.

Regret surmounts and past neglect encrouches.
Thoughts of trappings and trimmings keeping the monster within at bay –
the rotten surface surfaces on the slightest scrape

Foul as fair as the game played – to reinact.
Pretend to be kept in tact, when in fact been unkept – all this time constantly being left.

Septic-tank fuelled fear engages
Enrages – seperates us.
Enlisted with such twisted resistance.
Persistance gnawing, clawing, crawling – sprawled out – detached
Self-scratched, attacked –
Etched in, tattooed labelling –
only fear insecure fear!
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The tool that destroys and misleads: Security Tool

I am sure you have heard the saying before: don’t judge a book by its cover –
well the same goes for today’s’ feature PC parasite: do not judge this application by its name, as it is highly misleading! Security Tool is the latest in rogue anti-spyware applications.

Security Center, also known as SecurityTool is not to be taken lightly.

It is important to note that once embedded within a computer system, Security Tool may attempt to kill all .exe processes, leaving the system without fully operational and functional processes; therefore before attempting to delete this PC parasite from a system, you must make sure you have backed up all your data.

The next step would be to download a reputable, trustworthy anti-spyware application, in order to remove Security Tool.

Once you have downloaded an up-to-date antispyware, make sure you boot your Operating System up in SAFE MODE – this way, the chances of your system and all its .exe processes being affected is greatly minimized.

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Live and Direct – the latest fake security program: Antivirus Live

Here we go again, with the who’s who and what’s what in the world of PC safety.

There are so many variations of applications available online, many of which claim to be helpful tools, that ensure a user’s computer security remain intact.

But how do we know which of these claims are actually true or false?

Well, luckily for you, I have done my research on this one!

Antivirus Live is NOT what it claims, and should definitely NOT be trusted.

Why, you may ask?

Antivirus Live, also known as AntivirusLive, and is the latest rogue anti-spyware application (in other words: a fake spyware remover). Being a replica of Antivirus System Pro.

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This one is for the local ‘Cape Towners’ – doing it SA stylies…

Is Long Street Dead?

Being a Jozi girl – having relocated in August 2003 to Cape Town, I immediately fell in love with the Mother City.

Not only did the international-style cosmopolitan lifestyle appeal to me, but the many different gems situated all along Long street solidified the fact I made the right decision to move to this beautiful city.

Back in the day (talking 2003 now), we were lucky enough to have a vibrant and energetic centre of town – which became our playground at night.

I remember Friday nights, The Lounge – under the guidance of Hip Hop heavy weights, DJ Hamma and DJ Raiko – Fridays at The Lounge was indeed the golden era – especially of the Cape Town Hip Hop scene.

Reminiscent of family get-togethers – sans the crazy uncle each of us have in our families – The Lounge was about like-minded people coming together each week to celebrate the joy of music and to basically just let our hair down and boogie the night away.

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