Venetian blinds locked in such to block, untouched, the morning sunlight.

Just as if trying to peer through, tiny speckles of ray hasten to begin the day.

She flings the covers off her body and slithers out of the comfort and safety found in this haven.

Though days turn to next each time, it’s the same circumvent, which is all one can expect: So lost in this, hard to know how to cease and desist – just plain resist the urge to stay solidly put. How to try pry oneself away from the one natural high?

“And its now straight on the hour, traffic news coming up….” Blaring suddenly only thing heard. Slow, candidly shocked to an absurd rude awakening.

Damn radio alarm clock! Same song on been stuck, for weeks it seems.

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Playful wistlessness

Rustling in riverbed reeds, plush lush scenes of divinity ushering sweet feelings of joy, untapped – earthly bounds employed – and now only searching contentment ensues…

Ravished by light unfolded, fire burning brightly coloured – rose petals swoon, all idealistic – but so tangible… so now it’s been made blissful seek… new untouched run of luck… lacklustre mode dissipates – atmospheric pleasure in my wake!

Free-flowed into blessed mental mode… synchronised in mind, body and soul – spirit uplifted into a phase of whole!

Wholly seeking this feeling to just stay – remain with me for days – weeks – a time for more… a time for growth – all implicitly laced in beauty eternal… this joy will not be stolen from me – it is within… playing in the healing waters of life – the source inherent in each – catalyzed by a kindred next – a soul that connects – and sees and knows –

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How to download files safely, without putting your computer at risk!

The Internet is a haven of vast and immense information and software, all of which can easily be obtained by simply downloading it onto your computer. However, even though downloading files from the Internet have many advantages, there are just as many disadvantages. Before downloading any file to your computer, you should be aware of a few things – knowledge of which will only help you keep your computer safe from any virus threats.

First things first – look at the file size of the file that you want to download. For example, should you want to download freeware software from a web site and you know that the software file size should be around 12 or 13 MB, but upon closer inspection you see that the file size is 234 KB. This should sound off warning bells in your mind, as it is highly likely that this file size is in fact a virus or Trojan, due to the simple fact that the file size was just not right.

The next important thing to make sure is up and running before attempting a download is your firewall. If the files you have downloaded are malicious and aim to send privacy information to h, then your firewall should be able to prevent this from happening.

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Raging Phases…

Raging phases, places staged as masking tape to disguise the vile taste in mouth –

As your tongue-in-cheek manner makes me want to bite back, attack, and perhaps maim – as is done to my mental daily!

Breaking down, tearing apart – why then did I leave someone else in charge of this matter of heart?
– Now the self-loathing starts…

Every day I sit, I write.
Seems rehearsed these verses U recite.
Versus right, versus wrong –
I try regardless to write a new song…

Timed all wrong – rehashing decisions made.

Was it made correctly? Or do I stray, indirectly – causes: my directions’ sway?

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Don’t be soft – and believe that Antivirus Soft is here to help! Man up – and guard against rogue applications …

Why is it that one cannot even be safe online these days? What am I going on about – you might wonder? 

Well – having just logged online a few minutes ago – only to find that there is yet another rogue anti-spyware out to get its hands on my hard-earned cash!

Antivirus Soft is the latest in scams! Pretending to be a legitimate spyware remover, this application has one primary objective: to scare its victims into purchasing its licensed version.

Antivirus Soft, also referred to as: AntivirusSoft, doesn’t deviate much from the typical and most widely practiced tactics of PC parasite infiltration.

Antivirus Soft tends to use affiliated backdoor Trojans, usually Trojan Vundo or Zlob, in order to ensure hidden penetration into the targeted machine is successful.

Once inside the designated system, Antivirus Soft will obscurely create hundreds of fake malware entities in the infiltrated system. Once this is done, Antivirus Soft will then “detect” these dummy files and ensure the unsuspecting user, you, think it’s high time you removed all the reported malware.

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Paladin Antivirus: causing a pandemic of rogue applications to forge ahead…

The way of world these days, it seems, is to dupe and mislead every which way, in all aspects of life, and the Internet community is merely following suit.

Paladin Antivirus is the latest in scams! Pretending to be a spyware remover, this application has one primary objective: to scare its victims into purchasing its licensed version.

Paladin Antivirus also referred to as: PaladinAntivirus doesn’t deviate much from the typical and most widely practiced tactics of PC parasite infiltration.  Usually this fake application comes from misleading websites and fake online scanners. It may also pop up on your screen while you are on Facebook, MySpace or similar websites. Once installed, PaladinAntivirus will attempt to uninstall legitimate antivirus software. It targets the following antivirus designers: NOD32, Norton Internet Security, AVG8, Avira AntiVir, Avast!, Agnitum Outpost Security Suite, Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware, F-Secure.

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