Read on for six tips to update your wardrobe with the latest fashion designs without spending loads of moolah.

Putting away your winter clothing and finding that your closet is looking a little bare? Do the colours and styles of your spring and summer wardrobe seem outdated and boring? Would you like a more youthful look? Looking for a way to spend less money but follow some of the current hot trends? Or maybe you’ve gained a couple of winter kilos and want your clothes to help you look slimmer while you’re working on losing them.

Follow these tips, and you’ll soon be on your way to summer fashion bliss!

1. Colour:

It is important to know which colours compliment your skin tone. Go for lighter shades of colour on top, near your face. Use deeper shades of complimentary colours in pants or skirts. By using this technique, you will appear slimmer. Attention will be drawn to your face rather than your body and darker colours are more slimming.

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Sassy shoe must-haves! Read on…

We talk shoes: must-have styles and features…
A fab pair of shoes can easily transform and update an outfit. Never underestimate the wow-power of footwear to add that finishing touch to your fashion fix. This seasonal range is endless: from sandals and wedges to pumps and heels – here are the hottest shoes for scintillating seasonal style.

The bejewelled shoe is consistent with the movement towards futuristic, space-age dresses with embedded bejewelled necklines, sleeve bands and hem borders.

Shoes with sequins and stones, or adorned with punk guard-dog studs, contrast dramatically with shoes with soft, romantic and feminine effects.

Think thick satin, impressed metallic fabrics, hessian or linen-like weaves, 60s floral prints and striped fabrics. Also, animal prints and faux-reptile patterns are huge this season, because the summer is all about glistening glam and sumptuous texture. You’ll be hard pressed to find a pair of shoes without a bow or buckle, stones, sequins, pleats or ruching.

Set the wedge
Chunky and futuristic wedged shoes with interesting hollow resin heels were a hit on London, Milan and New York catwalks. Cut-out effects and cone heels are combined in new-style wedges. Also, look for stronger and brighter colours for this season.
For example, a sea-green peep toe wedge has been flying off shelves in the UK. Lots of other wedge styles of varying heights and features, such as rope, beads and patent, are poised to be big favourites.

Mary-Jane madness
These flats with their simple strap across the front have been in and out of fashion since the 1920s. This season choose from a host of Mary-Jane styles in metallics and suedes – with pink and ultramarine being the ultramarine making up the key colours for this uber-trendy look.

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What if? How to know for sure?

Just as I thought I had the right thought process amassed – I realise that the process only SEEMS to be in touch – but is actually rather somewhat very out of touch…

Where is the long lost laughter I linger after – so sought – yet only NOTHING is wrought – brought my only with me, but its tapped undone..

Now – where is the fun? Where is it at?

I wandered into a sweet obyss – it felt safe and new and oh so very nostaligic – now that it’s gone  – I long for it – I yearn for it!

This reminiscing only brings me to wonder why I played my hand so shabbily?

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Twisting turns…

Oh the many twisting and turnings – left reeling, feels like I’m burning from the mass of life’s wind blowing – now still tumbling, like hair entangled and wild.

The raging storm rushing in towards – soon am left wandering what exactly it is wrong that I did?
For it can only be some form of retribution – when life’s blows keep coming – not sure how long one is meant to keep rolling with the punches?

Loveless almost; jobless nearly; speechless definitely; listless endlessly; fearless regardless – ultimately!

So, today I stepped into a realm – to leave the wistful way I’ve found myself indulged – enwrapped – for days.

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Majestic Hue

Atrocious mode this – right quick side-swipe make-shift trigger switch.
Which of course always sways the tides a little off course…

No Worry… tad bit titbits’ of all sorts… don’t quite know, but this time I feel contentment within reach.

Somehow, some way – the words flow regardless…

Eyes blue, with slight hues of green too.
I spy myself losing myself in you.

To inhale and soon be fused into one entity… one day, could we?

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Which of these cell phone blunders are you guilty of?

In this, the age of technology and wirelessness… are you adhering to the new and improved rules of engagement? As with all cultures and sub-cultures, the mobile lifestyle too has its own forms of conduct and – and yes, Cell Phone etiquette…

Have you been familiarised with the cell phone sins, and are you following the cell commandments, or are you a hopeless cell phone sinner…in need of re-connecting?

We are here to help you identify 5 of the more unforgivable cell phone sins:

1. The ‘Call Me’ friend
This is the one friend who you know has airtime, but is just not gonna waste the credit on calling….or that one friend who never has airtime…both annoying in varying, but equal degrees.

Thou shalt not be a cheapskate.

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Useless andriod mode must go!

Tapping into – “have to, must!”
Don’t have your own thoughts, don’t have your own agenda – must only work for system go, system in, system round-about – failing to comprehend why stuck in this rut??

This is what they tell us!

All too many times, these visions of breaking away – flying, soaring – into celestial nothingness of everything – flying into the abyss of greater than this. It envelopes me, it enraptures me – I swear there is nothing else left for me, just the thought of such enthrals me.

I feel there is got to be more than this!

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