New treat on internet – AWM Antivirus

The Internet is no longer a safe place to roam unprotected thanks to new threats being discovered daily.  One of these rogue antispyware threats is known as AWM Antivirus. What separates AWM Antivirus from the rest is its particular nasty nature. Fooling users into thinking it is legitimate antispyware, AWM Antivirus then slyly starts taking over the user’s system. Continue reading


Latest Scam That Is called Advanced Security Tool 2010

If you have had the unfortunate luck of coming across Advanced Security Tool 2010 and fell susceptible to its allure, your PC is definitely at risk. You will need to uninstall and remove every component of Advanced Security Tool 2010 to remove the threat it poses to your system and security. Read on to understand why it’s so important to get rid of this malware.

Advanced Security Tool 2010 poses as Antispyware software which will inform you of numerous fictitious infections found on your PC. These alleged infections do not even exist, and Advanced Security Tool 2010’s main purpose is trying to convince you that it does. Their aim is to get you, the consumer, to purchase their full version software which claims to get rid of these infections on your PC.

Advanced Security Tool 2010 is not an Antispyware application, it is malware itself. If you have Advanced Security Tool 2010 installed on your PC, your system is vulnerable to many threats and infections and should be deleted as soon as possible. Continue reading

Security Suite is only causing havoc, watch out!

How can one undo all the havoc caused by all these rogue antispyware application? Well – as with all things in life: knowledge is power – therefore it is best advised to read up on the latest parasites, and accordingly take steps to prevent infiltration from these nefarious programs.

Security Suite is a rogue anti-spyware program that tends to make use of false spyware results to lure you, the unsuspecting system user, into purchasing its full version. Vundo has been the Trojan of choice used by many a hacker, to infect users with pop up messages, disguised as system notifications – all of which are tactics aimed at leading users to the websites affiliated with rogue anti-spyware programs. Continue reading

Cascade Mode

Things fade –

Swaded jaded mode makes restless again…

Founded the find in a bind…

Choices made sullen –
choices made suddenly seem sideswiped bliss-like evasive typetype…

Soon these wings will be spread on wide – soaring horizons new – soonsoon…let it be so!

Cascaded plentiful in full swing…
Sauntered my mind’s eye, caught me tantalized on days gone by*sigh* fixated on days ahead.

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Predator alert: Wireshark Antivirus – the latest PC threat

What will we do if all computer security turned out to be like the likes of the latest scam: Wireshark Antivirus? If all the security tools advertised online were just a ploy to siphon money out of hard working individuals – then we would be at a loss.

However, thank goodness – it is not yet like that – but we should still be aware of the rogue applications, nonetheless – as they are increasingly becoming advanced and difficult to eradicate. But knowledge is power, so read on for advice on how to deal with this dubious application…

This particular rogue application, Wireshark Antivirus, is the latest rogue anti-spyware application, which was designed to dupe unsuspecting PC users purchasing the full version of this nefarious application, and so doing part with their hard earned money!

Unlike its name suggests, Wireshark Antivirus will only secure the aims of its designers – and will do what it takes to ensure its sole aim of gaining money from users unaware of the plot to scam and compromise the integrity of their computer system, is successfully carried out.

Wireshark Antivirus, also known as WiresharkAntivirus, is considered highly dangerous to any system it has infiltrated, and experts suggest the immediate purging of its components from any system it has embedded itself within.

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Be security conscious and shield against ‘My Security Shield’

Rogueware is not going anywhere – in fact it is on the steady climb, its growing numbers indicative of the fact that creators of these malwares are fast innovating and making their malicious tactics come to fruition. Yes, it’s that time of the day again, where I bring you your latest in rogue antispyware. Word to the wise – be aware of the latest rogue antispyware application: My Security Shield – it’s a killer!

My Security Shield tends to mislead computer users into downloading this bogus security program by redirecting the user’s web browser to its website, issues alert messages about a threat and forces the user to download and register the full My Security Shield application.

My Security Shield, also known as MySecurityShield, MySecurity Shield or My SecurityShield, is another rogue anti-spyware application which uses unwarranted methods in their marketing. Just like its predecessors: My Security Engine, Security Antivirus, Security Guard and Security Masters AV.

My Security Shield is your typical rogue antispyware application; in that it will display irritating pop-ups, fake messages and will continuously offer the user to purchase My Security Shield software. My Security Shield can enter a user’s computer system via a Trojan which sneaks into the system through security holes.

These Trojans can also steal the user’s personal information. My Security Shield also has a fake scanner, which detects hundreds of “infections” (fake) and after purchasing this software will disappear, but will show up again after a few months.

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Enough is Enough

Creeping in stages – it rages – and enrages me – carrying on with this silly plight of yours… what is the meaning – when will your hate subside?

In one fell swoop changed love into hurt into hate…. cant stand the sight of each other now… when did it all go so awry?

Annoyed at the constant always bickering and power tyraids!

So selfish in your proclaimed selflessness – I see through it all!

Hurt ego equals hate spewed in sentences of venom-laced.

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