Windows Universal Tool is out to destroy your PC!

Do not be fooled by the auspicious looking Windows Universal Tool. This rogue antispyware application is out to destroy your PC in an effort to extort money out of you. Windows Universal Tool will stop at nothing to achieve its main goal, even causing permanent and irreversible damage to its victims’ PCs. This rogue was not designed to be of any benefit to a PC, but will instead go about systematically breaking down the inherent security features of your PC as part of its attack on the system. It is for these reasons, among many others that you have to destroy Windows Universal Tool.

Windows Universal Tool enters the system through the use of seditious Trojan horse infections. These Trojans are spread using a sophisticated collaboration between browser hijacking web domains and fake online malware scanners. Windows Universal Tool has also been known to bundle its Trojans and malware along with other security updates and downloads obtained from third party websites.

This rogue will remain dormant until it starts its attack on the system. This will happen when Windows Universal Tool spams the user with many different variants of fake security notifications designed only to panic the user. Do not pay any heed to these fake alerts and do not follow any calls to action contained therein.

In order to circumvent the severe damage to your system which this rogue will certainly bring, destroy Windows Universal Tool as a matter of urgency. Do not waste another second before you obliterate Windows Universal Tool as it may be too late.


Fiction Writing software to replace the author?

Much debate have followed the development and marketing of fiction writing software. Many people have used the century old fears that PCs will replace the human’s purpose soon. Other criticism also describes the act of making use of a computer program to write a book as libelous as the PC does all the work.

I too could not understand how you can describe a scene as well as Dickens did where Oliver Twist stares out of a window looking at the sun rise above greenest grass fields imaginable. Surely a computer would not be able to generate such beautiful artistry?  And that is what I always used in defense of my dismissal of fiction writing software.

It was only when I branched out and expanded my horizons that I learned most of the best selling fiction writing software such as Story Mind and StoryMill , among others available today helps the author with technical details of the writing process, like plot, story and characterization. The actual writing and creative zest of the process is still entirely dependent on the author, and cannot happen without that human in put. These helpful software applications simply take the nitty gritty out of being weighed down with technical details, and allows the author to concentrate on what he does best: writing his many stories.

Enough with this – destroy Antivirus .NET before it destroys your PC!

It’s no surprise that the now infamous Antivirus .NET has caused quite an uproar across the entire web because of the associated damage which follows this infection. PCs infected with Antivirus .NET are doomed to suffer lasting damage unless its owners take a proactive stance and erase Antivirus .NET before it’s too late.

Antivirus .NET will enter the system without the user’s knowledge. What makes it even worse to detect and delete Antivirus .NET is the fact that it will remain hidden from the attentions of the user until it deems it the correct time to start its attack on the system. The first inkling the PC owner will have of Antivirus .NET’s presence on the system will be when the rogue assails him with a multitude of fake security alerts.

These bogus notifications were designed to panic the consumer and get him to pay for Antivirus .NET. After sufficiently scaring the PC owner, Antivirus .NET will magnanimously offer to remove these supposed threats but only once the user pays for an Antivirus .NET license.

The truth behind the matter is that Antivirus .NET was never designed to be of any help or benefit to a PC. It is an elaborate online scheme designed and distributed by cyber criminals out to fleece consumers out of their money. Destroy Antivirus .NET from the PC before it destroys the system.

Boycott Kings of Leon!

Recently band member of Kings of Leon Nathan Followill tweeted about a comment Creator of Glee Ryan Murphy made during a The Hollywood Reporter interview about the band’s refusal to allow Glee to cover their hit song “Use Somebody”

The Tweet reads as follows:

“Dear Ryan Murphy, let it go,” Nathan tweeted. “See a therapist, get a manicure, buy a new bra. Zip your lip and focus on educating 7 yr olds how to say f**k.”

Naturally after the backlash he and the band received for this offensive on so many levels remark, Nathan quickly offered a generic and insincere apology which was a further slap in the face:

“I’m sorry 4 anyone that misconstrued my comments as homophobic or mysoginistic. I’m so not that kind of person. I really do apologize”

In a time where many youths are taking their own lives due to the climate of hate statements such as these cultivate, this non specific insouciant act of contrition does not address the damage this irresponsible statement caused.

As human beings we cannot force ignorant people in a position of leadership and authority to act responsibly, but as consumers we can make them accept the consequences of their actions the only way that matters to them.

Join this group in support of every bullied kid walking around ashamed to be alive because of ignorant and irresponsible jerks such as Kings of Leon. Invite all your friends and let’s show Neanderthals that we are indeed living in the 21st Century.

System Tools 2011 spreading destruction at virol lengths!

It can be easy to fall victim to the seemingly innocuous System Tools 2011, but don’t fall for this foolish lies. The truth is System Tools 2011 is very much a harmful and fake piece of rogue antispyware. It has no ability or intention to live up to its insanely over embellished promises, and will do nothing to be of any benefit to an infected PC. The developers behind System Tools 2011 is simply after one thing; your hard earned money! It’s therefore much safer to simply erase System Tools 2011 and not give it time to root its infection deeper into the system.

System Tools 2011 makes use of established forms of infection, counting browser hijackers and fake malware scanners as its main forms of infection. System Tools 2011 enters its victims’ PCs without their knowledge and will remain hidden until such time it decides to reveal itself with the help of various fake security notifications.  These notifications serve as nothing more than a ploy to panic the user into thinking his PC is under attack.

Following this, System Tools 2011 will magnanimously offer to “remove” these fake security threats, but only once the consumer pays for their bogus and worthless software. This is absolutely incredulous, and users should never pay for any System Tools 2011 product. Instead, delete System Tools 2011 from the system without any further delay. This is the only way you will be able to successfully get rid of System Tools 2011 and take back control of Your PC.

Spyware Protection destroys PCs instantly!

You definitely have cause for concern if you find your PC infected with Spyware Protection. This rogue antispyware tool derives from the same despicable family of rogues as Win PC Defender and XP Police Antivirus does. It is incredible how the developers behind these fake software applications continue to trap consumers into paying for their worthless software. Do not become this rubbish’s next victim, destroy Spyware Protection before it destroys your PC!


Spyware Protection is surreptitiously delivered onto your PC through malicious browser hijackers and fake online malware scanners. The main problem comes in where Spyware Protection infiltrates the PC without the consent of the user, and remains hidden until it deems it the correct time to reveal itself through a myriad of fake security alerts.


These security alerts are intended to panic the PC owner and convince him that his PC is compromised. Spyware Protection will go on to inform the user that it has the ability to remove these fake infections, but only if the user pays for a Spyware Protection license.


Don’t fall for the incredibly sneaky lies of this harmful threat. Erase Spyware Protection from the PC without any more delay and take back what is rightfully yours.

Rogue threat hijacking PCs worldwide

Do not be fooled by the seemingly auspicious Windows System Optimizator. This harmful rogue, which is associated with Palladium Pro and the Fake Microsoft Security Essentials will leave your system utterly devastated and ruined once it finishes its attack on the system, and all in an effort to rip you off and steal your money. It’s easy to see then the need to  permanently erase Windows System Optimizator from your PC.


Windows System Optimizator is delivered via the expected routes of infection. It will make use of any tactic possible if it will help it achieve its ultimate goal of extorting the user into paying for its ridiculous software.


In order for you to be able to access your Desktop and run executables, you will have to get past the Windows System Optimizator interface which loads after you boot up the system. Do this by clicking on the link located at the bottom left of the screen. After the browser opens, close it up again and you should then be able to exit the Windows System Optimizator interface.


You will now be able to run executables on the system, which can help should you want to obliterate Windows System Optimizator from the system with the help of a security tool. Your Desktop access should also now be completely restored, as well as a working internet connection. There is not time to waste with this rogue. Eliminate Windows System Optimizator from the PC at the earliest convenience, in an effort to take back control of your PC and reinstate its security.