What you aren’t supposed to know about Security Defender

Do not fall for the ridiculous lies spread by Security Defender, a well known clone of Antimalware Defender. This malicious rogue antispyware app was designed to gain the trust of consumers and then fleece them out of their hard earned money. This is distressing enough to justify having to completely erase Security Defender from the system.


Security Defender enters the system under surreptitious circumstances and hides its presence from the PC owner until it is ready to launch its attack on the system. This will happen by Security Defender spamming the user with various fake security messages informing him his system is under attack. This is done in an effort so as to panic the user into thinking that Security Defender has the ability to detect and remove these nonexistent threats.


This is simply untrue, as Security Defender does not own the ability to detect or remove any type of threat, but is in fact nothing more than a malicious threat in itself. At the end of the day you will only be able to take back control of your PC by employing the removal power of a genuine security tool to completely and utterly annihilate Security Defender from the system for good.


Nintendo reveals details about last “Super Mario All-Stars” shipment

Nintendo in America is now busy with producing the final run of the Super Mario All-Stars Limited Edition package which will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the original Super Mario Bros. game, which I and a lot of other people I know of played while growing up. It is said that the final shipment should reach stores no later than 13 March 2011.

Games included in the All Stars collection include Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels, Super Mario Bros 2 and Super Mario Bros 3! Now each game will come with enhanced graphics and an updated sound from the Super NES Super Mario All Stars collection. All of the four games can be played on Wii, using several controllers including the Wii Remote controller, Classic Controller, Classic Controller Pro or the Nintendo GameCube controller.

This game carries so many memories with it, as boys of all ages used to and still enjoy playing each level of the game to perfection until such time that they can play the game in their sleep. Many hours of fun passed in front of the Tele playing the original TV games, it can only carry over the joy to the next generation.

What you should know about Internet Security Essentials rogue antispyware!

Be wary of the rogue antispyware app Internet Security Essentials. This rogue security tool was designed not to benefit your system but merely to act as a vehicle to fleece you out of your hard earned money. Internet Security Essentials, which derives from the same despicable family of rogues as smart Internet Protection 2011 and Personal Internet Security 2011, enters the system surreptitiously and hides its presence from the user until it starts its attack on the system. This makes it much harder to identify and destroy Internet Security Essentials from the system.


Internet Security Essentials is spread via seditious Trojans delivered through fake online malware scanners and harmful browser hijackers. Once these Trojans and malware root the Internet Security Essentials infection into the host PC, the user will be spammed with various fake security notifications aimed at panicking him and convincing him that his system is under attack. Of course Internet Security Essentials will offer to magnanimously remove these falsely reported threats but only once the user pays for its worthless software.


Users who were unable to erase Internet Security Essentials from the system in time complained about being unable to execute any type of program on their systems as well as blocked Internet connections. This is done in an effort to prevent the user from downloading or running a program which will be able to detect and obliterate Internet Security Essentials from the system.


When all is said and done you will only be able to regain control of your system once you take the required steps to eliminate Internet Security Essentials from the system permanently.

Internet Security Essentials

Why you’ll need to destroy AntiVirus AntiSpyware 2011 before it destroys your PC!

There is absolutely no benefit to having AntiVirus AntiSpyware 2011 on your system. This rogue antispyware application is a direct clone of well known and hotly disputed rogue antispyware app AntiVirus System 2011, and will do much more damage to your system than good. It is due to these, as well as many other reasons why you have to eradicate AntiVirus AntiSpyware 2011 in order to restore your PC’s security and privacy.


AntiVirus AntiSpyware 2011 enters the system seditiously through sly Trojans distributed via surreptitious browser hijackers and bogus online malware scanners. Users will remain largely unaware of AntiVirus AntiSpyware 2011’s presence on the system until such time that the rogue decides to start its attack on the system and starts spamming the user with various falsely generated security notifications. These fake security alerts were designed exclusively to create panic in the user, and to place AntiVirus AntiSpyware 2011 in an authoritative light as well.


At the end of the day this seditious rogue will not offer you any type of you any benefit and will cause permanent and irreversible damage. Take back what is rightfully yours and destroy AntiVirus AntiSpyware 2011 for good.

What’s up with this Gmail?

If you are one of the very unlucky Gmail users who have recently been suffering from the inanely annoying errors that have crept up on Google’s popular email client, then there’s sorely any good news for you.

Gmail has consistently remained a very popular choice for users who look for a free, reliable and large online email client. But recently many users have complained about new messages in threads not showing up in the Inbox, and new emails not being listed as new in the Inbox.

This would not be such a dramatic annoyance for most users if Gmail was to address this issue. But searches in Google and online forums show that the problem is widespread, and despite numerous appeals to Gmail through its unnecessarily complex Help section yield no result or response, and users are left flabbergasted and annoyed to death.

Gmail Please hear us loud and clear:  Fix these issues, or we’ll have to migrate to the dreaded and spamful Yahoo! Mail (shudders)

Wicked! Wicked! Wicked!!

I was thinking the other day back to my time living in London, and regretted so much not going to more West End shows.  At the time, in 2006, Wicked had arrived in the West End and everywhere you looked you saw the signature green smirking girl with the white haired beuauty whispering in her ear – on posters in shop windows and billboards in Picadilly Square.

Now I look back at the aftermath of the fuss this created in London, at footage of the opening night and reviews of the show and I think to myself but I was there, and I didn’t go and see it! Alas, now as previously reported on this blog Wicked is aiming at making a movie version of itself. That is good news for  us who never saw it on the planks, but as anyone can tell you it will never produce the same ethereal feeling the original cast was sure to produce.

At least, I guess we should be thankful that it has reached this stage, and that we will indeed have the chance to witness the beautiful magic of Wicked and its majestically well written score.

Expected outrage over Gaga’s Grammy’s performance

If, like most people who live on Earth then you most likely have heard about Lady Gaga’s Sunday night performance at the Grammy’s where she debuted her new song, Born this way.

This beautifully written song, which is sure to become an anthem in its own right speaks to the core of every person’s existence, saying that if you are not considered “normal” by society at large then it’s OK, because we are all born this way and God makes no mistake.

Now apparently from sticking to the theme of being Born This Way, Gaga decided it would be a fantastic deal sealer to hatch from an egg onstage, and start her fantastic rendition in this way. Of course the conservative folk salivated as this scene and had been kicking themselves for half an hour after the opening scene of her song for having already press “sent” on their boycott circular emails before adding this despicable scene in the bodies of their hate mail. They quickly rectified this though as emails with photos of Gaga’s thorny shoulders hatching from her egg quickly filled inboxes all over the web.

I am speechless quite honestly. Why not live and let live?  Please don’t even start with your moral ambiguities, I’ve heard it all before.