Self publish versus the traditional route

Much has been said over the years about the pros and cons of self publishing, but when weighing them up against each other you soon realize that the concept is not so black and white as proponents and oppositions would like you to believe.

Firstly the whole fascination and hoopla surrounding self publishing was created by the need for people to find an outlet for their voices. This is because the traditional route of signing a book deal with a print publisher has always been available to a select few – much less than the demand for publishing deals throughout the years. Perhaps that is why it was, and perhaps still is considered to be an honor to have a published work.  But where does that leave the other 99 out of a hundred who did not manage to clinch a book deal?

This is where the essence of self publishing comes in – to allow a platform for people to tell their stories to the world. Although self publishing has garnered somewhat of an unfavorable reputation in the industry thanks to fly by nights, taking time to investigate various solutions from reputable self publishing houses like Xlibris Publishing AuthorHouse might just bear the wonderful fruit your hard work deserves.


Use these effective SEO strategies to improve your site’s ranking!

A few years ago, mane people would have been hard pressed to understand the term SEO, or search engine optimization. Today it has become the cornerstone of any company trading in e-commerce. The importance of an effective SEO strategy cannot be underestimated, and its development and implementation should enjoy high priority. This article will explore some of the key SEO strategies to follow should you wish to increase your website or blog’s online reputation and ratings.

Firstly, there is no substitute for good, unique and relevant content. This might very well be the most important of SEO strategies of all, as without it your entire site will fall flat. Pages that contain relevant, useful and search engine friendly content will naturally have other sites linking to the content and subsequently improving your search engine ranking. Updating content regularly not only improves Google’s view of your pages, but visitors like fresh content which will lead to more visits which will result in more links and ultimately more traffic to the site.

Keyword research should be seen as the foundation of any effective SEO strategy. Taking the time to research keywords is important. Do not simply target a keyword because it gets a lot of hits but think about what traffic you want to attract to your site, and what you would like them to do once there (the conversion goals). Determine what keywords are searched for by the people who are looking for your product or service. Google Analytics is only one of the many tools available that offer expert advice and will help you research key phrases. It is best to steer clear of one word keyword phrases, as these have thousands upon thousands of competing websites in the results. Rather make use of the AdWords Keyword Suggestion tool to help you zero in on highly concentrated keywords with low competition

Make wise use of your keywords. By this stage you should already have a strong list of SEO phrases you’d like to target. Now scatter them sensibly throughout your site and don’t dump them all in one spot. Using keywords in the title tag, as well as the h1 and h2 headings in the page will go a long way in improving Google’s opinion of your site. Other strategic placements can be in the link texts and page URLs. Ensuring distributed and appropriate keyword density forms an important part of this step. The keywords should appear often enough but not too many times throughout the pages, and should enjoy a position of prominence in the h1 and h2 headings, and the title tags.

Network! Getting other high ranking sites linking to yours is one of the most effective ways to get an improved SEO ranking. Take note that emphasis is placed on well respected sites. Merely receiving links from a bunch of mutual link pages won’t mean much for your site ranking. Instead aim for relevant sites which rank well. There are some directories offering free submissions. Although it can be tricky to get links from high quality sites, it’s not impossible and there are things you can do to make it easier. Once again good content is key. Contacting the site in question’s owner might help the process along, as people are more likely to link back to sites from people they know.

Taking these tips into consideration while planning your SEO strategy will help you clearly define your goals, and ultimately help you along your way to implementing an effective and well thought out plan.

Consider the benefits of a professionally designed website

If you are considering web design for your company or organization, chances are you are serious about establishing an online presence for yourself. Gone are the days where you had the chance to create a good first impression with your clients by inviting them to your upper class offices or taking them to expensive restaurants. For many, their first impressions about your company will be formed by landing on your website’s homepage. This underlines the importance of presenting a professional and appealing site to your customers that navigates effectively and user friendly.

The decision to hire an outside expert or design and maintain your website in-house deserves careful consideration of a variety of factors. Each option presents its own list of advantages, and disadvantages. As with most things in life, a lot of the freedoms you will experience with your design and ultimately your website depend on the budget you can assign to the project. Although here it will be good to keep the old adage in mind of you have to spend money to make money, and investing in a decent web design is your first step to creating a popular online reputation for your business.

Take stock of the expertise inside your organization. Should you have access to the adequate skilled labor which will is needed to take care of your web design needs in-house, then you might very well save on the costs involved. However, as previously mentioned you cannot skimp on this and be saddled with an inferior website as this is your first port of call in the e-commerce world.

If you either doubt your skills or available time to invest in this project, you will have to outsource to a professional web design firm. Finding professional web designers are easy as they abound on freelance job boards and websites. You can either entrust your project to an individual or a campy of web designers. Insist on seeing a portfolio of work from any prospective designer you are seriously considering hiring for any job.

As far as SEO goes, you will need to populate your website with relevant and optimized copy. Native speaking English content writers charge more per word ratio than non native speaking content writers do. Once again, if your website is targeted at the English market investing in a native speaking copywriter will ultimately mean much more for your website.

Throughout the design process insist upon being kept in the loop of what is happening with your website. Make sure you and the web designer are on the same page so that they will achieve all the outputs you set out to accomplish.

Some web design companies offer online marketing packages aimed at promoting your site and getting its SEO ranking established. Only agree to operate with companies with a proven track record in white hat marketing techniques. At the end of the day all industries will eventually have to compete in the online world in order to stay relevant and competitive in an increasingly globalised economy and marketplace.

A tip on how to get rid of Antimalware Tool safely and effectively

Protecting your PC against known and unknown threats like Antimalware Tool can quickly become a full time job if you try and go at it yourself. That’s why it’s a wise investment to protect your PC with a genuine security tool which will destroy Antimalware Tool the moment it is detected. This rogue antispyware application enters the system under suspicious circumstances without the user’s approval.

Antimalware Tool derives from the same despicable family of rogues as Security Defender, and is installed on the PC automatically to run every time Windows starts up. Browser hijackers and bogus online malware scanners form part of the most popular distribution methods Antimalware Tool uses to root itself in the PC.

Once the rogue is securely rooted in its host PC Antimalware Tool will spam its victim with numerous fake security alerts. These falsely generated security messages were designed with the exclusive purpose of panicking the user and placing Antimalware Tool in an authoritative light.

At the end of the day you will only be able to regain control of your PC if you get rid of Antimalware Tool immediately. This is best achieved by making use of a genuine security tool which will offer adequate protection against future similar attacks.