Facebook’s reign nearing end?

It would seem as though the social media giant and forerunner may be losing more and more of its users, as the BBC reports. Of course, Facebook denies this, saying it is ‘pleased’ with growth.

Figures reported by the Facebook monitoring site, Inside Facebook, suggest that during the month of May Facebook had lost 6 million of its US users, and 100k of its UK users. What may be fueling this fire is the fact that Facebook, who normally does not comment on any third party statistics, questioned how the firm got to these figures.

What is more, Inside Facebook claims that during the same month Facebook lost 1,5million of its Canadian users as well. Its report was not completely dooming, as it reported that overall growth was on the increase with more than 687 million users worldwide, with a lot of new users signing up from countries such as the Philippines, India and Indonesia.

Whatever the case may be, this has only served to show Facebook, and indeed the entire social media industry that complacency can lead to your most loyal followers jumping the ship.