Facebook given a run for its money

Google’s new social networking service is about to top the 10 millionth user mark. Although Google has been known to fail miserably in the past to establish its own social networking service, it would seem as though their latest attempt has gone on to greater success.


Although Google has not yet released official user statistics for their Google+ social networking site, the initial estimates looks promising and their most popular users are already being followed by tens of thousands of people. If Google+ were to act smartly, they could get a few social networking heavy weight celebrities to do an endorsement deal, which would certainly help in flocking users to their service.


What does this mean for rival Facebook, then?  Certainly Facebook’s 500million user strong backing is much more powerful and hardly in the same league as Google+’s 10million users – but then you are led to think back to Facebook’s beginning, and you remember that any force to be reckoned with had to have their early days too.



New rogue variant to cause system mayhem

With all the sophistication invested in the development of rogue security tools these days it has become that much harder for even experienced users to distinguish between genuine and bogus security tools such as Anti-Malware Lab. This rogue in particular emanates from the same family of rogues as the highly despised Internet Security Essentials, My Security Shield and My Security Engine. If you do find your PC is infected with this seditiously harmful rogue, then it is extremely urgent to obliterate Anti-Malware Lab as quickly as possible.

Of course Anti-Malware Lab will enter the system without your say-so and will only reveal its presence once it manages to root itself in the system securely. It will edit registry entries so that it will launch each time the user logs on to Windows. Anti-Malware Lab will initiate fake system scans which will inevitably yield false positives such as Lsas.Trojan-Spy.DOS.Keycopy and other bogus threats, but it all forms part of its attack against the PC and should not be believed.

Other symptoms associated with the Anti-Malware Lab rogue includes being unable to launch applications on the infected PC, as well as blocked Internet connections. It will also cause severely poor system performance and increased erratic system behavior. Paste the following activation code into the rogue in order to bypass these symptoms and destroy Anti-Malware Lab  more easily:



At the end of the day you will only be able to regain control of your PC if you obliterate Anti-Malware Lab in time. This can easily be achieved by using a powerful security tool which will  also protect your PC against similar attacks in future.