Security Sphere 2012: New name – same destructive rogue

It would seem as though the developers behind Security Shield has been hard at work with their latest clone – Security Sphere 2012. This rubbish rogue antispyware application was never designed to pose any type of benefit to a PC, but instead to simply rip consumers off. It will not protect the system against any type of threat, and cannot detect or remove any type of infection. It is because of this, and many other reasons to follow why users have to destroy Security Sphere 2012 upon detection immediately.


Security Sphere 2012 will use any devious tactic at its disposal to facilitate its nefarious infiltration of the system.  These may range from using bogus online malware scanners and seditious browser hijacking websites. These browser hijackers make use of drive-by download tactics to root the Security Sphere 2012 infection into the system. As of late it has also been reported that Security Sphere 2012 makes use of infected online flash ads.


Symptoms associated with the Security Sphere 2012 infection range from blocked Internet connections, the inability to execute applications on the system and extremely poor system performance. It is possible to disable these annoying symptoms by entering the following activation key:




Users still need to remove Security Sphere 2012 even after entering the above key as the symptoms will only be disabled, but the threat not removed. Do this by using a powerful security tool to destroy Security Sphere 2012 for good.

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