Employers: the Facebook Stalkers

Are you currently looking for a job? Well have you considered that potential employerscould be looking through your Facebook profile and making the first impression about you just by looking at your interests, photos or everyday activity? What would it tell them about you? Undeniably it is a great way to research and evaluate future employees, even before the interviewing stage. Especially, because today it can be quite hard to find a person without a Facebook profile. Your friends have it, your colleagues have it. Even your parents have it! Your profile is the most condensed version of yourself and is available for everyone to see. Unless, of course, you have the appropriate privacy setting. Continue reading


Smart Phone Security Tips

A few post back I was writing about smart phone applications that were collecting personal users’ data and this way intruding their privacy. Did I scare you with those news? It could be quite intimidating to realize that someone could be browsing through your contacts and your logs this very second! To be honest, saving you from multimillionaire companies and their evil intentions is high high above me! However, there are still a couple of ways you can increase your smart phone’s security. Continue reading

iPad2, Get Out of the Way!

Masses of Apple gadget addicts are holding their breaths until the newest edition of iPad is going to hit the stores in March. Even though it has not come out yet, the new iPad3 is already being talked about everywhere you go. Some say it is going to be upgraded to a higher resolution screen (2048-by-1536 pixels!), will have a faster processor, aaaaand so on. Only one thing today is certain about this new iPad 3. It will now offer both WiFi and 3G cellular service models, which basically means faster network and more money spent!

However, same iPad fans are not sure whether the new iPad3 is worth the money it is going to cost them. This where a discussion starts! What to do? When is it out? Is it better? How does it look? Should I sell my old iPad? When should I do it?! Continue reading

Windows Protection Master? Remove it!

Windows Protection Master is yet another malicious software, trying to ruin your day. The new member of Rogue.VirusDoctor family (previous clones include Smart Anti-Malware, AV Security Essentials, et al.) is here to cause trouble, and trust me, miserable $19.95 will provide you with more problems and financial risk than you can imagine! The only effective solution is to remove Windows Protection Master, before it causes more damage or deceives you into paying money for a program, your system does not need.

Windows Protection Master is a sneaky bastard and can invade your computer quicker than you think. If you have already been tricked and installed malware into your Windows system, the rogue will bombard you with fake notifications, alerts and recommendations: Continue reading

Apps: New Menace in the Personal Security Game

It has been brought to attention by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) that smart phone applications can be more sinister than expected. Invading privacy, these apps can collect such important data as numbers, contacts and logs. This came out into the light when a few companies were found collecting such data illegally (i.e. without permissions).
Truth be told, this has happened before, but the companies in question were punished with nothing more but a fist shake. Talk about control! And control is needed, as it is personal privacy that is being violated! Can you imagine someone you don’t know going through your contacts and your logs? Continue reading

Remove Security Scanner

Remember Security Tool and Security Shield? Guess what? We have a new member in the family! It’s Security Scanner, a malicious antispyware reaching out its little sneaky hands into your wallet. Yes, it is here to deceive you and make a profit, so remove Security Scanner from your system NOW.

There are numerous cunning ways that can trick you into letting the rogue “inside”, and it can be hard to tell when this happens. If you are reading this, you might have already been misled by a malicious online scanner, or any other trick it used, and a fake Security Scanner application offering you best antispyware service for the best price. Continue reading

Top Security Tips

Being cautious and distrustful on the internet can be as crucial as it can be walking down the street. Do not talk to strangers! Be aware of someone’s bad intentions! These simple rules that we learn as kids, are usually forgotten when we are in the virtual space. Of course, no one will smack you up your head and cause any physical harm, when you’re in front of a computer, doors locked. Nonetheless, disclosing your personal data to cyber criminals can be as painful! This could mean empty bank accounts or even debt! Good news is, you can prepare yourself for a virtual attack, and stay unharmed. If you follow these simple steps, I can assure you that your stranger will not become danger! Continue reading