Where is Facebook going?

If you are following the rivalry, if you may call so a lawsuit, between Yahoo and Facebook, you must also know about the latest Facebook news update on their changing privacy rules. These newly introduced rules were supposed to go into effect on 22nd of March; however, Facebook users’ discontent with alterations has made the company to lengthen the decision time, working out whether sharing, safety, social plugins and software areas should go through any sort of changes. It is respectable how Facebook care for their customers and involve them into any sort of change-making. On the other hand, could this have anything to do with the patent lawsuit Yahoo has filed against the biggest social network? Continue reading

Yahoo vs. Facebook

Have you heard that Yahoo has filed a lawsuit against Facebook? No? Well, let me tell you all about it. Yahoo decided that Facebook has violated Yahoo’s privacy, by stealing its News Feed patent and using it as an essential part of the popular social network site. Actually, Yahoo decided that Facebook stole over ten site’s patents! In my eyes, and many experts would concur, that Yahoo is simply playing an unfair game to drag Facebook’s name into dirt.

To be fair and honest, Yahoo has been trying really hard to become a valid opponent to such sites as Facebook or Twitter, and for years they have been failing to even come close to the success of one of the most popular websites in the whole world. Continue reading

Who did not get iPad 3?

So, did you get your new iPad? Did you wait in line? Did you get it ton the “premiere” day? What do you think about it? The truth is, all of us expected iPad 3 to be sold out in hours, and all of us feared the dreadful thought of not holding the shinny, new gadget in our hands. I sure did! And now we know that the newest Apple’s device has not even sold out! In fact, only a couple of high-street stores were able to brag about emptied storages. And if you were the one waiting in lines for the second iPad, you must have noticed how quieter and smaller the lines were this time. Well maybe that was just my location… Another version beholds that this time around Apple managed to create enough iPads to please all “premiere” customers, who definitely were not disappointed and did not leave Apple shops empty-handed! Login for an iPad 3 review in the near future!

Prepare yourself for iPad lines!

iPad is going on sale tomorrow morning(!), so the time has come to drag out your gear and get ready to wait, wait and wait even longer in never ending lines to get your piece of technological greatness. And if you think you will be able to get your gadget in 15 or so minutes, you will hate me for telling you that it could take from 2 to 3 hours, for you to receive your new iPad 3 from your local Apple vendor! Have you ever stood in an “Apple” line? Well, let me tell you that you’re in for something that you can only experience whilst waiting for your favorite band to come on stage. Still, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind whilst preparing for tomorrow’s havoc. Continue reading

How Antivirus Protection 2012 Can Whipe Off Your Smile

Guess who’s back? It’s UnVirex family, which has striked once again with its newest edition of fake antispywares – Antivirus Protection 2012. Just like its clones Security Monitor 2012, Antivirus System 2011 or Security Inspector 2010, the latest version has a lot to offer to every PC user. If you trust this ridiculously fake tool, it will slow down your system, fool you with non-existent infections and will remove your money straight out of your hands. Undoubtedly, Antivirus Protection 2012 does not belong in your system, as it will not only leave it unprotected, but will also “invite” all sorts of additional malware that can cause even more damage. Remove Antivirus Protection 2012 right now or regret it forever!

There is nothing legitimate about Antivirus Protection 2012, from its invasion methods to unlawful processes. Did you know that it is more than easy to let this infection inside your Windows system? Continue reading

Climate Change: Affecting SimCity Since 2013!

We all know what SimCity is, and what features were displayed in this amazingly popular game’s past forms. The city-building game is getting ready to be back, and it will be offering something we have not seen before on your Xbox and PC screens! The newest edition will be based on the theme of environmental changes, and players will be encouraged to learn and apply various alternative energy choices. Although the game is set out to hit the stores in 2013, it has already been praised by Davis Guggenheim, the famous film director, standing behind the scandalous documentary “An Inconvenient Truth”, and Biz Stone, the co-founder of Twitter. And Maxis (game distributor) representatives could not be more happy and excited about their newest SimCity version. Continue reading