Anonymous Anonymous

If you are an IT specialist or know the most important industry topics, you will know what I mean by this title. No, I will not blog about our usernames, and no, it will not touch the subject of our accounts’ anonymity. Well, maybe the later sort of goes a long the way of the thing I want to write about today.

For months now, a well organized group of hackers, by the name Anonymous, has been making IT specialist, working for top-notch world wide companies, sweat into their offices, worrying about the security of their managed systems. And the fear is well justified, especially if you think that Anonymous even managed to threaten FBI and NASA security, so it may seem that no company is safe from these cyber terrorists. Continue reading


Mobile Payments: You IN or OUT?

Have you used any of the Mobile payment applications recently? I am completely hooked on this incredible invention! There is nothing easier than to jump into your local coffee shop, wave your phone up in the air and leave with a nice steaming cup of espresso in seconds. However, with more and more people using mobile payments apps, various experts keep warning us about possible dangers of fraud! And there is a need to be concerned, or at least be wary of our financial privacy, since our bank accounts are more exposed than they have ever been before.

If you are not careful, anyone can take your phone and use it for personal shopping sprees, since there are no laws yet that could force retailers to identify every buyer using mobile payments. One of the ways to avoid being ripped off in the middle of the day is Continue reading

How to treat the vicious Smart HDD?

You security is at risk once again, and fake system optimization applications, like Smart HDD or its clones System Defragmenter, HDD Rescue and HDD Scan, are lurking to fool you, me, and many other PC users that our Windows systems’ hard drives are undergoing technical problems, and the only way to remove them is to purchase a completely false full version product, which in reality has no theoretical capabilities of fixing such bogus dysfunctions in the first place! If your system has already been infected with Smart HDD, be sure that cyber criminals behind this bogus tool want from you nothing else but your money, and the only way to get rid of any chance of losing your savings or Windows data for real, is to delete Smart HDD right away. Continue reading