Anonymous Anonymous

If you are an IT specialist or know the most important industry topics, you will know what I mean by this title. No, I will not blog about our usernames, and no, it will not touch the subject of our accounts’ anonymity. Well, maybe the later sort of goes a long the way of the thing I want to write about today.

For months now, a well organized group of hackers, by the name Anonymous, has been making IT specialist, working for top-notch world wide companies, sweat into their offices, worrying about the security of their managed systems. And the fear is well justified, especially if you think that Anonymous even managed to threaten FBI and NASA security, so it may seem that no company is safe from these cyber terrorists.

Actually, even a survey, carried out not so long ago, has proven that Anonymous is at the top of most feared hacker groups in the virtual world! It had even been declared that more than half (61%) of recognized IT specialist fear that Anonymous could attack their databases. Sure enough, this fear is quite relevant today, but can Anonymous stay at the top of the game for any longer? Personally, I think that Trojans, adware and other malicious programs could probably rank as number one threat, if only someone could put these illegal programs altogether.

If you are praying to God that Anonymous wouldn’t get to you too, I can assure it will not invade computers of us, earthly individuals, who know nothing about anything (sigh). And still, some companies have managed to find some good out of this story – it’s software developers, who work hard to create products, which even Anonymous will not be able to crack!


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