What is System Progressive Protection up to?

System Progressive Protection is no joke, and if you have faced its clones Live Security Platinum, Smart Fortress 2012 or Security Shield, you will understand the seriousness behind this demonic infection. If you are wondering what the main purpose of this tool is, I can guarantee you by 100% that schemers will push this infection right into your Windows system just to trick your money out of you. Like all of its predecessors, the new rogue antispyware looks just like any legitimate security program. This has tricked many Windows users into thinking that they could trust the fake malware removal tool and that its full version was what they needed. This is not true, and if you read my blog, by now you should already know that you have to ignore any presented recommendations, refuse to pay money for the licensed rogue’s version and delete System Progressive Protection altogether. Continue reading


How to treat Ukash Viruses?

Do you know what can lock your operating Window system and state that you need to pay a considerably large amount of money just to get your computer freed? It’s any of the Ukash viruses, devious ransomwares that can infect those computers whose owners are not careful enough with the way they act online or the way they protect their PCs. Ukash viruses are represented through fictitious notifications, which are managed by malignant components that may enter an unprotected computer via spam email attachments, bundled downloads and an abundance of other security cracks. Some of the most famous Ukash viruses are Den Svenska Polisen It-sakerhet Ukash, Cuerpo National De Policia virus, FBI Moneypak, Metropolitan Police virus, PCeU virus and a number of other infections. A reader tipped me about the malicious group of ransomwares through this French website so if you know the language, I strongly recommend taking a look. Continue reading