Conduit Redirects to Threat!

I often catch myself thinking that since I am online none of my actions can affect my “real” life. Surely enough, such computer infections as Conduit Redirect virus are there to pull me, you and everyone else back into the reality. As a matter of fact, everything that we do online reflects on our personal security. If you do not invest your money into security software – your PC gets infected with malware. If your PC gets infected with malware – you put your personal data and computer’s integrity at risk. Well, are there so many infections that we all should be afraid of? Plenty, and if you do not believe me, check out this source that reports the most dangerous and malicious PC infections. Continue reading

What did you search in 2012?

It is that time of the year when business and companies all around the world sum up and reveal what went wrong or right in the last 12 months. The same goes for web sources, which disclose what searches were most popular, what sites were most visited and what life events were most interesting for us. First of the many to disclose such information was Bing, and since is one of the most popular search engines all over the world, I rush to report what was discovered! Continue reading

Cyber Monday Aftermath

According to, Black Friday gathered over $1 bn through online retail. There is no doubt that people are getting more and more attracted to the comfort of staying home and getting the same deals as people pushing and shoving to get amazing details in shopping malls all across the U.S. Nonetheless, if you like to burn off the Thanksgiving calories whilst running around the shops and you still want to have time to enjoy the online sales too, there is no doubt you were a part of Cyber Monday this year. Continue reading

Who’s Spying on You?!

Have you ever raised this question? Have you ever wondered if your virtual security is in tact and not at danger of being violated by a program like Claro Search Malware? Well actually, thousands and thousands of malignant programs are lurking in the deep dark corners of the web, and you can never be too sure if one of them is not going to strike you in surprise. I am sure you are well aware of dangerous Trojans, fake AV tools and all sorts of clandestine infections. However, do you know that danger could hide in your browsers too? You would have to remove Claro Search Malware and similar extensions if you were careless about what programs you choose to install without taking your time to research malware. Please continue reading to learn more about the truly dangerous computer threat. Continue reading