Google Maps in North Korea?!

mapAs you might already know the North Korean government does not like the “secrets” of the country to be accessible for everyone. Well Google does not agree with that. The company which administers has recently updated the maps of North Korea and now you are presented with a much more detailed view. The first question that popped into my head was: “how is this possible?!” Clearly Google couldn’t just send the Google Street View recording cars. All in all, this did not stop the company from doing what seemed to be nearly impossible. Continue reading


How to remove Security Defender?

connectingHave you ever considered that certain programs running on your computer can be completely fake? Well Security Defender should not be trusted for one second because it is 100% fake and has been developed to trick you into purchasing the full version of a fake AV tool. The devious program could slither into your computer via various security vulnerabilities and backdoors. Nevertheless, you should be most careful about suspicious online video codecs as this is how schemers could slip the infection onto your PC so fast you would not even notice! Should you delete Security Defender? There is no doubt about that because Continue reading

Tablets for Kids

kidstabsAre your kids of younger siblings taking over your personal gadgets? This is the battle of my day-to-day life. Turn away and your phone or your tablet is lost for the next 2 hours. Unfortunately, the times are changing, and dolls or plush toys are being replaced by what seems to be hard-edged, metal boxes. This is only the first impression, and electronics marketers are quickly distributing new, more eye-appealing versions. What is more important, these upgraded versions not only look good but also serve better as they are developed and produced for kids. So, what should you know before getting a new tablet specifically for your own kid? Continue reading

Found Delete it!

snapIf you are looking for information on how to remove, you must have visited the site and downloaded promoted products. Did the program showed up out of nowhere? You should not rule out this possibility, as even legitimate and secure software gets installed through bundled downloads. So what is and why you may need to delete it? First of all, you must recognize that Smartbar presented through this site is a tool which is meant to improve your browsing. For this purpose, the program can collect certain information about you. Well, is this safe? Continue reading

Facebook Graph Search

fbFor the past week, social media experts kept speculating what Facebook will bring next. Some were convinced that the company will bring a new smartphone and others thought there will be new layout changes. The later would not have been too unexpected since the latest changes were made one year ago. Despite this, no one expected the news that got presented in a press conference held on January 15, 2013. Continue reading

How popular is iPhone 5?

snobby_iphone_5_on_haters_by_boogol-d5fb7olDo you have a new and shiny iPhone 5? The more time passes, the more controversial this gadget seems to become. It is now clear the new device is not popular in China, where iPhone 4S is still being sold more frequently. What about Europe? With basically no restrictions to sell Samsung Galaxy S3 in many European countries, there is no question why iPhone 5 seems to be dragging along rather then spurting as it was hoped to. Of course, the new gadget is popular enough in the U.S. and such countries as Costa Rica, where the newest version was introduced barely few weeks ago. Continue reading