####If you have used Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr or other similar social networks at least once in your lifetime, you must know what a hashtag is. The word or phrase attached to the hashtag symbol ‘#’ and posted on the website as the news feed can help you track conversations which are grouped by the same tag. For example, if you hashtag #iloveblogging, and people who are following you or who you are following do the same – you are provided with an immediate access to these messages. I know it sounds kind of complicated, but once you get a hold of it – you cannot live a day without hashtagging. And now the service is available on Facebook as well! Continue reading


Why do they want to ban Google Glass?

ggHave you considered purchasing the oh-so-famous Google Glass? Well, your dream may remain a dream because more and more discussions arise regarding the privacy breaches related to the gadget. Some technology experts even think that soon enough Google Glass will be banned. Does this mean that the concept will not be developed further? Will Google have to track down and reimburse every single person who owns the device? What a predicament! Continue reading

Another Malicious Hijacker on the Loose!

monster hijackerThe hijacker I am talking about is Qone8.com. Have you used this search engine in the past? Even though it is not recommended to use this search engine, it is quite possible that no harm has been done to your virtual security. Nonetheless, it has been discovered that the site may be used by cyber crooks as a browser hijacker! How can you know if the threat has infested your own computer? Well, you firstly need to check the home page and the search engine of your IE, Firefox or Chrome browsers. Have they been changed without your consent? Then there is no doubt that the malicious hijacker has been dropped and that you need to delete Qone8.com from the system. And how should you remove the hijacker from the PC? Continue reading

iPhone 4 Banned in the U.S.

ringDo you still remember the feud between Samsung and Apple? Well, it is NOT over yet. The ITC (International Trade Commission) has decided that it was Apple who was doing some illegal business, which has led to the ban of some Apple’s imports to the United States. What does this mean? First of all, if you were hopping on getting the iPhone 4 or some older versions, it is most likely that you will not be able to buy it in the U.S. Crazy, right? I was always a supporter of Samsung and I am glad that now we know for sure who was wrong and right in the situation. Nonetheless, even I think this is a bit excessive. Continue reading

Delete System Doctor 2014 ASAP

Copy of system doctor logoWithout a doubt, System Doctor 2014 is one of the most clandestine and devious computer threats. Even though it cannot steal you passwords or use your computer to spread malware, it can use scare tactics and deceiving lies to lure out your money. Without a single question, the fictitious anti-virus tool has been developed by schemers who want to trick you into giving up your money and who have no interest in your virtual security. The infection should be deleted from the computer in seconds after being detected for the first time. Is this how you have treated it? Continue reading to learn more about System Doctor 2014 removal. Continue reading

How to Search Pinterest?

pinterestIf you don’t know, Pinterest is the new big thing on the Internet. You can add photos and videos, pin the images posted or pinned by others and put them under as many categories (or Boards) as you wish. Recently the website has been transitioning to a slightly new layout, and I will not lie – I like it. The biggest change that everyone is talking about is the added search tool ‘Just my pins’. Aside from this, there are a few minor layout changes. For example, the activity of pinners has been moved from the left to right. Plus, the ‘Add a New Board’ icon has been moved to the front of all boards. So, how does the new search work? Continue reading