Work for Google!

Have you always dreamed of working for Google? Then now you have the perfect opportunity. Of course, this is not just any job. You will not need to sit at the office and you will be able to work as many hours as you want… I should also mention that you will not be paid either. Another condition to qualify for the spot is to travel somewhere where Google has never been before. To be more precise – where Google View cars have never been before.

Even though Google Street View and Google Maps allow us to find routes to unfamiliar places, there are still thousands of acres around the globe which still await exploration. Needless to say, Google cars cannot reach the North Pole or the Grand Canyon, which is why the company is shouting out to all of the people who would be willing to take up the 42-pound Google Trekker in order to explore the most distant and trackless places of the world.

Google offers a chance to join the Google Street View Trekker Project; however, you already need to know your destination and what vehicles you will need to get there. The company offers you to travel by car, trike, trolley or snowmobile. Of course, you can also choose to travel by foot. Without a doubt, this opportunity is astounding, and if you travel to exotic, hardly accessible places, you may become a partner of Google! How cool is that?

Are you planning an exotic trip? Would you like to take up the Google challenge? Do you want to share your experiences with millions of people who use Google Maps and Street View every single day? Then this is the opportunity you need to take. Unfortunately, I am not planning any exciting travels; however, if I did I would certainly apply! Wouldn’t you?!


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