Windows Updates 12/10

BandaidSo, it is the second Tuesday of the moth. AGAIN. If you are running an operating Windows system you know exactly what this means – Windows updates are coming because it is Patch Tuesday. Unfortunately, I have been having serious issues with my own system for the past couple of month around the time of the updates, and I would dread this ‘miracle’ Tuesday. Luckily, I got my own technical issues fixed, and instead of worrying about not being able to run my personal computer normally I know can get excited. Why should I get so excited? Well, Microsoft is finally releasing the updates we have all being waiting for!

This Patch Tuesday we are going to face 16 main updates, as Larry Seltzer at informs. One of the fixes is targeted at the Windows Media Player. Have you discovered that the application freezes whenever you try to use AutoPlay for audio CD within the operating Windows 7 system? Well, if you install the updates this problem should be eliminated. Other issues which will be fixed are related to Internet Explorer, Microsoft Camera Codec Pack, Office pack, Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool, Direct Access Best Practice Analyzer, and other important parts.

As you may realize already, this Patch Tuesday is the last one this year, and one of the last ones for Windows XP users. Are you still running this outdated version of Windows? Some might argue that XP is truly something special and that it should not be discontinued; however, the support will be discontinued fairly soon (April 8, 2014). If you have no plans to upgrade your OS, I suggest you start planning soon because one day you will wake up and realize it is almost April and you have no plan to ensure that your virtual privacy and your own security is protected reliably.

Well, I do not want to intimidate you or scare you, but the dooms day is coming… Of course, your next step should be the installation of Windows patches. Even though most of them support Windows 7/8 versions, you definitely do not want to miss any updates. What could happen if you did? The HELL could break lose! All jokes aside – do not postpone your security updates, get it over with and make sure you run the World Wide Web freely and securely.


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