Windows Updates 12/10

BandaidSo, it is the second Tuesday of the moth. AGAIN. If you are running an operating Windows system you know exactly what this means – Windows updates are coming because it is Patch Tuesday. Unfortunately, I have been having serious issues with my own system for the past couple of month around the time of the updates, and I would dread this ‘miracle’ Tuesday. Luckily, I got my own technical issues fixed, and instead of worrying about not being able to run my personal computer normally I know can get excited. Why should I get so excited? Well, Microsoft is finally releasing the updates we have all being waiting for! Continue reading


On the Spotlight: Chromebook

chromeHave you put your hands on a new, fresh Chromebook? Well, according to, more and more Chromebook users emerge, which is even more surprising than the fact that nobody seems to like Windows 8. Did you know that its sales dropped by nearly 30%? Of course, it is unlikely you will meet more people with Chromebook instead of Windows 8; however, there is no doubt that more and more alternatives to Windows arise. This is good news. So, are you a happy owner of a Chromebook? No? Then let me tell you why this product is in the spotlight. Continue reading

How to disable Java?

cofThere are over 14 bn. pages on the web. Whenever you browse the Internet, you are 19 clicks away from the next page. The infamous Ukash Virus is spread across 6 continents. Needless to say, our virtual world is no longer a safe place. And who is responsible for it? Some will say that regular computer users are the ones to blame because we do not protect your operating systems. Others will blame computer software developers. Additionally, more and more people turn against Java. Right now it feels as if no one can benefit from it anymore. Does it mean that soon enough we will put Java behind? Continue reading

“Google collected illegal info”

Those are the words of Police which confirmed on Thursday that Google, only the world’s largest online search engine operator, collected and stored people’s data illegally over its Wi-Fi wireless networks while busy with its endeavors to create a localized version of its online mapping service.

I find it so incredibly annoying that everyone is harping on about his.  Is it really such a big deal?  I find it not least disturbing that people are attacking this company so much.

Sure, it’s important to safeguard our privacy et al.  But the way people are carrying on, if I was involved with Google I’d just shut these people out.  This is only my layman’s view of the whole subject, but honestly look at it from both sides, won’t you?  Google did indeed go through great pains to protect the privacy of the public, fazing out street numbers and number plates.

I just personally find it a terrible shame that everyone follows the herd mentality and jump on the Anti Google wagon. Shame on you, as if you don’t make use of Google’s services on a daily basis.

Google bounces off the Christmas rush

It would seem Google wants its part of the global Christmas shopping rush, and has revealed its latest venture –, a virtual shopping mall. I don’t know about you, but I usually get nervous when a company previously unassociated with sales stars spewing commercial endeavors. Granted, Google has always dabbled in sales, but not in direct consumer sales such as what they’re taking on now.

Combining the winning recipe which has helped many before it make their fortune – celebrity and shopping combines to be a kickass combination! Boutiques brings the best of the best together, in essence a site with many different e-stores, like a real mall hosts plenty of shops, see?

Time will tell if this latest venture of Google will be sustainable and profitable, but like with so many of its past endeavors, this one seems to be on a hot train headed for success!

Facebook surpasses expectations once again

It would seem as though FACEBOOK wants to add another revolution to its credentials. Aiming to “revolutionize Internet communication,” the 26 year old FACEBOOK creator Mark Zuckerburg recently announced that FACEBOOK will be adding e-mail to its long list of attractive qualities.

This means that FACEBOOK users are now able to mash together email with instant messages, mobile SMS messages and FACEBOOK chats all into one single stream of communication.

The inspiration for this genius aspirations comes from the newly coined term Age of Urgency, according to Mark, where users want a rich and thorough history of their past correspondence with their contacts, and to receive all lines of communication instantly.

The famous TechCrunch blog, which reports on the latest SciTech news has called this move of FACEBOOK a “Gmail Killer.” Personally I wouldn’t be so dramatic or quick to drop the ax over Gmail’s head, as I, and plenty of other die hard Gmail fans still find pretty good use for our accounts.

Microsoft changing its tune?

It would seem that Microsoft has taken critique about its security flaws to heart, and had gone and done something about it. Merely a month after breaking its record for releasing the largest Patch update in history, Microsoft released a much smaller round of fixes on the ninth of November of this year.

These patches will address a total of 11 security vulnerabilities found across its MS Office and Forefront Unified Access Gateway.

Microsoft has come under fire from consumers and consumer protection watchdogs in the past for its lack of inherent security capabilities, and the weak security elements in its applications and software which are exploited by cyber criminals and hackers.

It can be seen as a genuine effort from Microsoft and a show of solidarity with its consumers. It’s so easy to always vilify Microsoft and attack its monopoly on the industry, but as any well informed consumer should be able to distinguish, give praise where praise is due.