Windows Updates 12/10

BandaidSo, it is the second Tuesday of the moth. AGAIN. If you are running an operating Windows system you know exactly what this means – Windows updates are coming because it is Patch Tuesday. Unfortunately, I have been having serious issues with my own system for the past couple of month around the time of the updates, and I would dread this ‘miracle’ Tuesday. Luckily, I got my own technical issues fixed, and instead of worrying about not being able to run my personal computer normally I know can get excited. Why should I get so excited? Well, Microsoft is finally releasing the updates we have all being waiting for! Continue reading


NationZoom Removal

nzIf you could care less about your operating system you can welcome NationZoom into your PC and your web browsers. WAIT. You care about your virtual security and your operating Windows system? Oh, OK! In this case NationZoom removal is exactly what you should perform. Even though the outer shell of the program is shinny and inviting, trusting it would be a huge mistake. is presented with a seemingly fun ginger kitty logo; however, this should not fool you. In reality, the search engine cannot provide you with Web, Images, Videos or News search results. In fact, it does not work at all! So, what is the point of this suspicious search engine and how should you remove it from the PC? Continue reading

The Paralysis of DoSearches Hijacker

logoAll of us are intimidated that one day our browsers will be inactive. Dosearches hijacker is here, and if you do not ensure that your personal computer is protected against malware, soon enough this threat could take over your Mozilla Firefox, IE and Chrome browsers. Sounds scary, right? Well it is quite intimidating to discover that some unfamiliar, unfathomable power has changed your home page and search provider settings. Needless to say, this may feel as if someone had broken into your house and rearranged your furniture placing. You do not know why this happened; however, you definitely know that it may be a hassle to change this back around. All in all, a browser hijacker is not something you should mess around with, and so we recommend that you delete hijacker right away. Continue reading

How to remove Attentive Antispyware?

cagedIf you wish to keep the system safe, you need to delete Attentive Antispyware. Even though it may seem as if the application has been created to guard your operating Windows system, in reality, it will do nothing else but cage it. Do you want to have the PC hijacked by schemers? It appears that if you let the rogue run wild, it will also remove access to the Task Manager and Registry Editor, disable access to the Internet and even ensure that executable files cannot be run. This is extremely disruptive, and so there is no doubt that you will notice the threat right away. Unfortunately, many Windows users link these symptoms to the bogus infections reported by the rogue, and do not recognize that Attentive Antispyware removal is necessary. Continue reading

Remove System Care Antivirus ASAP

pc issuesAre you one of those people who decide to protect their Windows only after a malicious infection has attacked? Well, you should not play with System Care Antivirus. This big bad wolf hides in the skin of a little harmless lamb; however, you certainly can and should fight it! What is the purpose behind the devious program? It is to trick you into giving up your money ($99.99) for a licensed version of a supposedly authentic malware detection and removal tool. The malicious application looks like a legitimate security application and this is its strength. Without a single doubt, you should delete System Care Antivirus, and there are a few removal tricks I can teach you. Continue reading

Mozilla Declares War on Cookies

From__Cookies___Life__by_dual_personalityWith the fresh, new Firefox 22 coming up in a few months time (summer), Mozilla have decided to declare war against third-party cookies. This is extremely good news for regular computer users, and terrible news for online marketers and even virtual schemers. Do you know what an Internet cookie is? The so-called HTTP cookie is a small piece of data which can be used to collect information about your browsing habits and record your passwords, usernames and other login data. Does this look dangerous to you? Well, in some cases, a browser cookie can be used for truly malignant purposes, and Mozilla might be doing us all a huge favor. Continue reading

Should you remove MIXI.DJ Toolbar?

pcHave you downloaded MIXI.DJ Toolbar in the hopes of acquiring the best browser extension of all time? Are you now disappointed with your choice? At first, it may seem as if the application can serve you with great benefits; however, in time you must have realized that it is just another add-on that you want to remove from your Internet browsers. Is it difficult to delete MIXI.DJ Toolbar? Luckily, this is not a task which requires skills or experience. If you cannot wait to remove the toolbar from the system – click ‘Read More’ and then scroll down the page to see the removal instructions. However, there are a few things you should find out about this application first. Continue reading