Tangled within the web of malware?

spiderwebHave you found the suspicious browser helper object BrowserDefender.exe running on your personal computer? Well, in that case, my friend, you are dealing with malware even though it hides under the name defender. This executable travels bundled with some adware and virtual monetization plugins. Unfortunately, the activity of this application is quite suspicious and getting it removed is extremely important. First of all, the file could be used to track your virtual activity and even collect information related to your virtual identity! Moreover, the executable could also be used to activate adware pop-ups, offers, surveys, etc. Even though it may seem as if this is related to your online activity, this is something that has been caused by a suspicious executable running on your PC. Do you know how to delete BrowserDefender.exe from the operating Windows system? Continue reading


Mozilla Declares War on Cookies

From__Cookies___Life__by_dual_personalityWith the fresh, new Firefox 22 coming up in a few months time (summer), Mozilla have decided to declare war against third-party cookies. This is extremely good news for regular computer users, and terrible news for online marketers and even virtual schemers. Do you know what an Internet cookie is? The so-called HTTP cookie is a small piece of data which can be used to collect information about your browsing habits and record your passwords, usernames and other login data. Does this look dangerous to you? Well, in some cases, a browser cookie can be used for truly malignant purposes, and Mozilla might be doing us all a huge favor. Continue reading