Twitter Ranks Facebook?!?

twitfbTwitter was first launched in March 2006 with the first tweet ever being “just setting up my twttr” by Jack Dorsey, co-founder of the oh-so-famous microblogging website. Even though Facebook, the all time biggest social networking site, was founded over 2 year before the emergence of Twitter, it seems that people are starting to lose interest. As we all known an understand, the teens are the trend-setters when it comes to social networking, and according to the latest report from the Pew Research Center, the teens are turning to Twitter more often than to Facebook. So, what are the numbers? Continue reading


How to Search Pinterest?

pinterestIf you don’t know, Pinterest is the new big thing on the Internet. You can add photos and videos, pin the images posted or pinned by others and put them under as many categories (or Boards) as you wish. Recently the website has been transitioning to a slightly new layout, and I will not lie – I like it. The biggest change that everyone is talking about is the added search tool ‘Just my pins’. Aside from this, there are a few minor layout changes. For example, the activity of pinners has been moved from the left to right. Plus, the ‘Add a New Board’ icon has been moved to the front of all boards. So, how does the new search work? Continue reading

Facebook Graph Search

fbFor the past week, social media experts kept speculating what Facebook will bring next. Some were convinced that the company will bring a new smartphone and others thought there will be new layout changes. The later would not have been too unexpected since the latest changes were made one year ago. Despite this, no one expected the news that got presented in a press conference held on January 15, 2013. Continue reading