Delete Tuvaro Toolbar

tuvarologoTuvaro Toolbar is an ambivalent program. While in some cases this application is completely legitimate and beneficial, in others it may be regarded as a malicious browser hijacker or a potentially unwanted program. Should you use this tool without any dithering? You absolutely should not because carelessness and indifference are all that schemers need in order to fool you. Cyber crooks probably fool one person every second. Okay, so maybe this prognosis is a little exaggerated. Regardless, schemers definitely are a danger to your virtual security if you are not cautious, and they may even employ the seemingly reliable toolbar to take over the operating system. Should you delete Tuvaro Toolbar? YES! Do you know how to perform removal? Continue reading if your answer is NO! Continue reading



####If you have used Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr or other similar social networks at least once in your lifetime, you must know what a hashtag is. The word or phrase attached to the hashtag symbol ‘#’ and posted on the website as the news feed can help you track conversations which are grouped by the same tag. For example, if you hashtag #iloveblogging, and people who are following you or who you are following do the same – you are provided with an immediate access to these messages. I know it sounds kind of complicated, but once you get a hold of it – you cannot live a day without hashtagging. And now the service is available on Facebook as well! Continue reading

Is Malicious?!

virusOpen your Internet browser and check the home page. Is it Have you applied this suspicious search engine as your default home page yourself? If not, then there are no questions that your operating system has been infected with a browser hijacker. What is this? This infection is extremely malicious and you should remove it from the computer without any hesitations. If you do not delete hijacker, it could be used to flood you with adware or links to dangerous websites. Needless to say, this is highly dangerous. So, how should you delete the browser hijacker? Continue reading

How devious is Metropolitan Virus?

pconfireMetropolitan Virus is a demonic infection which will lock your computer, deny your administrative privileges and force you to pay money for crimes you may not even though about committing. How can you find out if your operating Windows system has been infected with the malicious threat? Actually, it is impossible to miss the ransomware because it flaunts on top of your computer screen and restricts you from accessing the computer. In reality, this virus is not an actual virus. According to malware researchers, the infection is actually a clandestine Trojan which could have entered your personal computer days, weeks or even months ago. Needless to say, if you want to remove Metropolitan Virus and unblock your computer, you need to delete this Trojan from the system. Continue reading

Google Maps in North Korea?!

mapAs you might already know the North Korean government does not like the “secrets” of the country to be accessible for everyone. Well Google does not agree with that. The company which administers has recently updated the maps of North Korea and now you are presented with a much more detailed view. The first question that popped into my head was: “how is this possible?!” Clearly Google couldn’t just send the Google Street View recording cars. All in all, this did not stop the company from doing what seemed to be nearly impossible. Continue reading

Angry Birds: the Movie?!

AB movieDo you play Angry Birds? Do you think it is a sensational game that people will play years from now? Well that’s what people at Rovio (the developer of the game) think, because it has been announced that Angry Birds will be turned into a movie by 2016. According to, the animated 3D film will be produced by John Cohen (Despicable Me) and David Maisel (Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor). Continue reading