Predator alert: Wireshark Antivirus – the latest PC threat

What will we do if all computer security turned out to be like the likes of the latest scam: Wireshark Antivirus? If all the security tools advertised online were just a ploy to siphon money out of hard working individuals – then we would be at a loss.

However, thank goodness – it is not yet like that – but we should still be aware of the rogue applications, nonetheless – as they are increasingly becoming advanced and difficult to eradicate. But knowledge is power, so read on for advice on how to deal with this dubious application…

This particular rogue application, Wireshark Antivirus, is the latest rogue anti-spyware application, which was designed to dupe unsuspecting PC users purchasing the full version of this nefarious application, and so doing part with their hard earned money!

Unlike its name suggests, Wireshark Antivirus will only secure the aims of its designers – and will do what it takes to ensure its sole aim of gaining money from users unaware of the plot to scam and compromise the integrity of their computer system, is successfully carried out.

Wireshark Antivirus, also known as WiresharkAntivirus, is considered highly dangerous to any system it has infiltrated, and experts suggest the immediate purging of its components from any system it has embedded itself within.

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Be security conscious and shield against ‘My Security Shield’

Rogueware is not going anywhere – in fact it is on the steady climb, its growing numbers indicative of the fact that creators of these malwares are fast innovating and making their malicious tactics come to fruition. Yes, it’s that time of the day again, where I bring you your latest in rogue antispyware. Word to the wise – be aware of the latest rogue antispyware application: My Security Shield – it’s a killer!

My Security Shield tends to mislead computer users into downloading this bogus security program by redirecting the user’s web browser to its website, issues alert messages about a threat and forces the user to download and register the full My Security Shield application.

My Security Shield, also known as MySecurityShield, MySecurity Shield or My SecurityShield, is another rogue anti-spyware application which uses unwarranted methods in their marketing. Just like its predecessors: My Security Engine, Security Antivirus, Security Guard and Security Masters AV.

My Security Shield is your typical rogue antispyware application; in that it will display irritating pop-ups, fake messages and will continuously offer the user to purchase My Security Shield software. My Security Shield can enter a user’s computer system via a Trojan which sneaks into the system through security holes.

These Trojans can also steal the user’s personal information. My Security Shield also has a fake scanner, which detects hundreds of “infections” (fake) and after purchasing this software will disappear, but will show up again after a few months.

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Net Protector Antivirus 2010: only protecting its goal of extortion

Woe to those few individuals that continue to make our online experience one filled with second guessing and skepticism.

Why – you may ask? Well, for anyone who makes used of the online community on a regular basis, it is clear that the state of one’s computer security is questioned on a daily basis – due to the millions of nefarious applications out there – so again I say woe to those few individuals that design and implement these dubious tactics and applications.

The newest danger to your PC is none other than: Net Protector AntiVirus 2010.

One never really knows just how safe, yet there are steps we can take to optimize our computer safety. Important in this quest is to ensure that you are up-to-date with the latest malware applications out there.

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Be aware! Ad-Ware Pro: the latest rogue antispyware doing its thing!

So, you start up your computer system, and you notice that your system is lagging, and is behaving in a rather strange manner. 

Now you get to thinking: “Is it my Ram? Or has my computer been infiltrated by a nefarious application, now leaving my system compromised on all levels.”

The latest dubious application to be causing all sorts of havoc online is none other than the Ad-Ware Pro rogue antispyware. Also known as AdWare Pro, Adware Pro, AdwarePro and AdWarePro, this application is very capable of destroying a computer system is has infiltrated.

Let us pretend for a second that there are no such things as rogue applications, and malicious content, where we exist in a world beyond malware and infections – in this world there is only growth and optimal progression amassed! This world can easily be attained – if we just eradicated the latest malware, as they appear online.

In lieu of this thought – let’s take a gander at the newest rogue application these days: Ad-Ware Pro and see just how it operates.

Ad-Ware Pro is installed onto a computer system via a Trojan infection, or might even enter into the system when the user visits malicious and dubious websites, which contain the virus in scripts embedded within.

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Ready for the latest rogue antispyware? Here it is: Antivirus 2010 Security Centre…

Ushering in the new day… getting all cobwebs in mind frame washed away, with the morning coffee in hand, on stand-by as lingering in start-up mode, I begin to wonder which lovely rogue antispyware parasite I can look forward to getting acquainted with today?

Each new day brings with it a new and improved infection and PC parasite, which is either a sign of the times – or a sign of the technological era we call the age fo the modern man (or woman, as it were…)

Ahhh – just in time, the power light flickers, and the scans begin… Or should I rephrase – the scams begin…

On one of the test beds (computers we utilize to check up on the internet on a daily basis – and see which parasites are new and running rampant…) – well today, the newest threat is none other than Antivirus 2010 Security Centre, also referred to as: Antivirus2010SecurityCentre, Antivirus 2010SecurityCentre, Antivirus2010 SecurityCentre.

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Spyware Alert! Antivir Solution Pro – NOT to be trusted!

Yes, it’s that time of the day again, where I bring you your latest in rogue antispyware. Watch out for this one – as it is causing major problems across the World Wide Web!

Antivir Solution Pro is another rogue anti-spyware application, which is installed under deceptive pretences, infiltrating the user’s PC without their approval or knowledge.

Antivir Solution Pro is a clearly malicious application which has harmful functionality and is utilized to ensure a PC user’s entire network is compromised and possibly endangered.

Also referred to as: AntivirSolutionPro is very similar to its predecessor: Antivirus Soft, also a very dangerous rogue antispyware application.

Antivir Solution Pro is particularly damaging to a computer system, once it has fully embedded itself within the PC’s system, therefore it is given a high priority security risk status by many computer analysts.

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Earth AV will alter the state of your PC’s safety and security

In this era of global awareness and paradigm shifts, moving towards an enlightened frame of mind and reference, hackers are cleverly capitalizing on this phenomenon, and accordingly – duping the ‘new-age’ user into going for ‘Green’ and inevitably making use of the newer rage of rogueware.

The latest of such applications is the rogue anti-spyware: Earth AV also referred to as EarthAV.

is installed onto a computer system via a Trojan infection, or might even enter into the system when the user visits malicious and dubious websites, which contain the virus in scripts embedded within.

And no – this application will not be able to assist you any way, shape or form. This program is dubious and was designed to have harmful functionality.

Earth AV appears to be promoted by its affiliate website:, and it is for this very reason that this particular website should be avoided at all costs!

As mentioned before, Earth AV, which is descendent from the following rogue antispyware applications: Eco Antivirus and Green AV – will enter into a computer system via a Trojan application, which sneaks into the system via security exploits, such as spam emails or it can be installed by other malware.

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