Twitter Ranks Facebook?!?

twitfbTwitter was first launched in March 2006 with the first tweet ever being “just setting up my twttr” by Jack Dorsey, co-founder of the oh-so-famous microblogging website. Even though Facebook, the all time biggest social networking site, was founded over 2 year before the emergence of Twitter, it seems that people are starting to lose interest. As we all known an understand, the teens are the trend-setters when it comes to social networking, and according to the latest report from the Pew Research Center, the teens are turning to Twitter more often than to Facebook. So, what are the numbers? Continue reading



####If you have used Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr or other similar social networks at least once in your lifetime, you must know what a hashtag is. The word or phrase attached to the hashtag symbol ‘#’ and posted on the website as the news feed can help you track conversations which are grouped by the same tag. For example, if you hashtag #iloveblogging, and people who are following you or who you are following do the same – you are provided with an immediate access to these messages. I know it sounds kind of complicated, but once you get a hold of it – you cannot live a day without hashtagging. And now the service is available on Facebook as well! Continue reading

Where is Facebook going?

If you are following the rivalry, if you may call so a lawsuit, between Yahoo and Facebook, you must also know about the latest Facebook news update on their changing privacy rules. These newly introduced rules were supposed to go into effect on 22nd of March; however, Facebook users’ discontent with alterations has made the company to lengthen the decision time, working out whether sharing, safety, social plugins and software areas should go through any sort of changes. It is respectable how Facebook care for their customers and involve them into any sort of change-making. On the other hand, could this have anything to do with the patent lawsuit Yahoo has filed against the biggest social network? Continue reading

Yahoo vs. Facebook

Have you heard that Yahoo has filed a lawsuit against Facebook? No? Well, let me tell you all about it. Yahoo decided that Facebook has violated Yahoo’s privacy, by stealing its News Feed patent and using it as an essential part of the popular social network site. Actually, Yahoo decided that Facebook stole over ten site’s patents! In my eyes, and many experts would concur, that Yahoo is simply playing an unfair game to drag Facebook’s name into dirt.

To be fair and honest, Yahoo has been trying really hard to become a valid opponent to such sites as Facebook or Twitter, and for years they have been failing to even come close to the success of one of the most popular websites in the whole world. Continue reading

Employers: the Facebook Stalkers

Are you currently looking for a job? Well have you considered that potential employerscould be looking through your Facebook profile and making the first impression about you just by looking at your interests, photos or everyday activity? What would it tell them about you? Undeniably it is a great way to research and evaluate future employees, even before the interviewing stage. Especially, because today it can be quite hard to find a person without a Facebook profile. Your friends have it, your colleagues have it. Even your parents have it! Your profile is the most condensed version of yourself and is available for everyone to see. Unless, of course, you have the appropriate privacy setting. Continue reading

Angry Birds have invaded Facebook!

The phenomenal game that has topped the most downloaded mobile app list in 2012, and attracts incredible 13 million users every day, has been officially launched on Facebook a few days back.

Angry Birds has been developed in 2009, by Rovio, a little-known company before its phenomenal success. At the moment, Rovio is worth no less than $1 billion. So what is it that attracts the masses and causes global addiction? Continue reading

German state finds Facebook’s ‘Like’ button illegal

The German State Schleswig-Holstein has ordered all of its government offices to remove the ‘Like’ button from their web presence and to shut down Facebook fan pages, on the grounds that these things violate German and European data privacy laws.

This emanates from a report released by the Independent Center for Privacy Protection in the German state, which states that information collected from German users who ‘likes’ pages and other activities is sent back to the US where Facebook uses it to create a profile for the user, all of which is not permitted with Germany’s very strict privacy laws

This does sound like a bit of overkill to me, but users should be allowed to make an informed choice about which data of theirs is collected, and who is privy to it.